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firemassacre2721d ago

have this game on my ps3, its so awesome.

NukaCola2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

I scooped up the Rockstar Pass and I have to say it's been the best. I really enjoy playing the DLC just as much as the game itself, but I can't help think that the game really should of had all this content left in. I don't care why it was cut, but it shouldn't of been because the game would of flowed a lot better.

I like the impossible Golden Reels to find, since they really have you looking in every bush for the damn things. I also like the Badge hunt cause it adds replay exploration but I wish they would add more content that gives you a greater exploration of the city itself.

I suggest:
Street Crime Packs of at least 20 per
Clothing stores to outfit your character
More Jack Kemp cases
A continuation Epilogue episode of the game. I wish the man who I don't want to name who should of gotten what was coming to him did. If you see the end you will know who deserves to be shot. (PM me if I confuse you)

_CoD-Pro_2721d ago

have this game on my 360,its so awesome.

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omi25p2721d ago

Does what platform you have it on really matter?

TheBeast2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Some people say that the PS3 version is better while other say the 360 version is is a matter of personal taste.

But people don't like multiple discs (360 version) and would prefer one disc (PS3 version)

YodaCracker2721d ago

The only people that seemed to be concerned with the 360 version's multiple discs are the PS3 fanboys.

Weird, huh?

BeastlyRig2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Can't wait for pc version! Hope dlc comes free.

Edit: why disagree like it or not I will feed it to my BEAST!! in August..

Takoulya2721d ago

I'm still waiting on my impossible PC version of RDR. Oh the modding possibilities on that...

acemonkey2721d ago

homicide wasn't my favorite part of the game it was same thing....if they are doing more homicide it better be different...Traffic and Arson was the best part of the game

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