Amd a series gaming systems.

CyberPower Inc. announced a series of desktop gaming PCs based on AMD’s new A-series desktop platform featuring all new APUs (Accelerated Processing Units), which integrates the CPU along with the fastest onboard GPU and memory controller into one die to offer low power consumption and high performance at a low cost.

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pumpactionpimp2717d ago

Not a big fan of amd myself, but I find there new direction intiguing. I really want to know how powerful the onboard gpu's are, and if they can be crossfired.

Lots of questions, but the gaming possibilities have me salivating.

BeastlyRig2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

When i comes to gaming amd is best cost/performance wise. When it comes to benchmarks & programs you may use intel is best..

ATiElite2716d ago

1. for $600 you can build a better PC than what CyberPower is trying to pawn off on you. Actually $600 is $250 more than normal for the parts they are talking about.

2. never buy pre-assembled PC's unless you just can't build one yourself or don't have any friends to do it for you.

3. Those Lano series APU from AMD are NOT for gaming, sure they can play games but barely. So don't buy this thinking your gonna run Crysis maxed out at 1080p cause your not gonna be able to.

4. Although AMD will release the Bulldozer series of APU's that will be able to properly game, still nothing beats a having a dedicated GPU.

This article is really misleading customers. Seriously those lano series APU's are not that powerful when it comes to HD gaming.

Newtype2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

The Llano series are not intended for gaming, it's a mainstream line processor. Bulldozer is for that use. The APU kills the Sandy Bridge onboard graphics though, they can provide a good price-performance for HD content creation.

Also, the APU supports dual graphics mode, sort of like how the old nForce boards could go into SLI with another nvidia card working with the onboard nvidia graphics.

Bulldozer isn't an APU though.

pumpactionpimp2716d ago

I'm more excited to see where tech like this will lead us. I mean this is basically an idea you can expand on in so many directions.

Although being an avid pc gamer, I agree this system is not ready for gaming, and that its to expensive.

But the thought of buying a quad core with 6000 series ati graphics chip, then crossfiring(although it would be more like an sli, over the mobo) to get a bitchin system for what will be an inevitably cheaper price... is great.

mobijoker2716d ago

Yes! exactly.Dedicated gpu is a must.Llano and Bulldozer are great APUs but their onboard gpu is only entry class and medium range i.e. Amd 64xx,65xx,66xx etc.Besides enthusiast gamers will always go for high end gpus like 68xx and 69xx.But these two series are very good for 30fps
and entry level gaming and destroys Intel in every way possible in terms of graphics prowess.

ViserysTargaryen2716d ago

I would like to see more motherboards take advantage of Sandy Bridge and APUs in conjunction with discreet GPUs. Because of now with a 570 GTX in my comp my Sandy Bridge is basically sitting on it's ass doing nothing. The same applies for the APU. Do something with all this hightech crap please.

ATiElite2716d ago has over 150 socket 1155 motherboards for SandyBridge and although AMD's Lano Fusion series APU just just just just came out, has 16 FM1 motherboards.

many of them feature a form of GPU on Die/ discrete GPU CF feature.

and if the on DIE GPU gets locked out with the presence of a discrete GPU the on die GPU is still helping the CPU kick ass by assisting in GpGpu applications. so it's a win win situation either way.