Metal Gear Solid: Rising – 10 Facts That Everyone Should Know

GamingBolt: "Since its introduction on the Playstation back in 1998, the Metal Gear Solid series has gone from strength to strength, with a major title featuring in each console generation. With the finale of Solid Snake in MGS4, the focus has shifted onto supporting character Raiden. With so many other changes being made to the classic formula for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Rising, here’s a brief run down of things to know for those who have lost track."

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pramath16052720d ago

I don't know, this just doesn't seem very Metal Gear-y to me... anyhow, I still have my hopes high, being a long time MGS fanboy! :P

TheDareDevil2720d ago

Come on Kojima, say something about this game. Release Date, Gameplay trailer, info anything!

NukaCola2720d ago

I really hope this is a true MGS game. I love the hour long cutscenes, the hidden easter eggs, the history and all of it. If the 360 version has to be 3 discs, so be it. Make this a true MGS experience for all of us.

Also, I think there should be a split screen fight between Raiden and Vamp, while the other screen half is a cutscene of Snake fighting the gheckos. It would be really because that it would really tie in with what happened in MGS4. Got this series is so amazing. I think I might play through MGS4 again.

RacingLightning012719d ago

I completely agree, I loved the ridiculously long cutscenes of MGS4, the one thing every reviewer complained about.
I Wouldn't complain if the PS3 version had 3 discs (though doubtfull).

news4geeks2720d ago

now that would be awesome.

Shmotz2720d ago

Think I'll go play MGO again now.

Takoulya2720d ago

I liked MGO for a while, but, damn, it's ironically just a twitch shooter. Because of the headshot system, people only need to spin around, point their camera at your head and pop a shot off to kill you. The game had a great foundation, but went off to the wrong direction.

Drekken2720d ago

That is such a dumb thing to say. Any shooter has headshots.

Shubhankar2720d ago

All shooters have headshots. -.-
It's like saying NFS is better than other shooters because you can drive cars in NFS. -.-

Takoulya2720d ago

Obviously, you have no idea what I'm talking about. Headshots in MGO kill in one shot from any weapon at their respective ranges. Good on paper, but when you add the large amount of recoil on guns, along with the crazily fast turning speed, it just becomes a matter of you can lay off the first shot to win gun fights. Imagine SWAT mode on Halo Reach except you can spin around and duck under a cardboard box at the speed of 6 times per second.


Lord_Sloth2719d ago

I get what you're saying and it's why I didn't play MGO as much beyond a certain point. That point being when the pro players were 90% of the online players and people like me who aren't so competitive that we must know every secret available are left in the cold.

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firemassacre2720d ago

i hope it has online, like mgo, so i can go on PSN and silently kill fools

thatgameshow2720d ago

I wish they'd just come out and tell us what's going on with this game. They made such a big deal about it originally, and now we're sat in the wilderness waiting to hear something, anything!

Godmars2902720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Aside from tougher enemies having energized plating so they don't simply cut at one swipe, really not expecting more than arcade gameplay.

Hm, what I'd like to see...

1 - like I said harden energized armor plating that either depletes after a number of repeated hits, has to be cut through with a power move, or has an exposed power node that has to be specifically hit.

2 - Power moves like a wall run or flash dodge. A jump o drop cut. Using debris and enemies as weapons. The ability to use enemy weapons, super charge them.

3 - Tank or Geko size/type bosses that have to be taken out in sections.

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