Metro: Last Light on Play N Trade TV

It may be the time of the annual summer gaming lull, but that’s not stopping your Play N Trade TV hosts, Mark Turcotte and Chris Micieli, from sharing some hot info in this week’s episode. Metro: Last Light is an upcoming 2012 release that you’ll want to keep your eye on, so go out and play through Metro 2033 to be ready. Mark and Chris had a chance to get hands on with the demo, and the post-apocalyptic genre is not yet played out. Learn what Descent and Goonies have in common. The team then takes it on a road to find out what you’re playing through the doldrums. Want to know more? Click play now!

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Active Reload2689d ago

Great video! I know what the guy means by being embarrassed, lol. I have yet to play any of the Assassins Creed games...

Dan502688d ago

I miss Play N Trade :(

knowledge4lfe2688d ago

just wondering why everything was 360 on their set? journalist like that i have no respect for. where was the ps3?the wii?? but anyway good video though