Bungie bids farewell to Halo franchise with Steaktacular Reach event and more

XMNR: Bungie has pegged July 7 of the every year as Bungie Day and this year's celebration is a bit bittersweet as the developer say goodbye to the Halo franchise it has nurtured for the past decade. However, it is throwing down with an all day Steaktacular event with developers against players in Halo: Reach, a release of Marathon to the iPad and some other goodies.

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KingDustero2717d ago

It is nice to see Bungie doing so much before they say good buy to their most successful franchise yet.

Also aren't they supposed to be revealing their new game today? When is that going to happen? I thought it was today.

Queasy2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

No new game announcement today unfortunately...unless they throw in a last minute surprise.