RoboAwesome's Shadows of the Damned Review -- Xbox 360

Aron Deppert of writes: "Recently, Suda51 and his team have created a game called Shadows of the Damned about a demon hunter named Garcia Hotspur who traipses through the bowls of hell to save his girlfriend Paula from the Demon King’s evil clutches. Like most of Suda51′s titles, Shadows of the Damned has buckets and buckets of gore, violence, and fantastically juvenile humor."

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Moduserous2657d ago

Sounds awesome. I've been thinking about getting this.

RoboSpiff2657d ago

I really wanna play it.

RoboRyan2657d ago

There's so many games I need to buy, but almost every review I read for Shadows of the Damned makes me put it closer to the top of my list.

Series_IIa2657d ago

Really good game...

Familiar yet fresh.

Venox20082656d ago

one of the best games of this year