This Is Why PC Will Always Be Ahead Of Consoles

PC vs. Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 - stop the argument now! Here is the ultimate proof why PC will always be ahead of the consoles. Check the story!

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Inside_out2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I think that comparing PC's and consoles is like comparing apple's and oranges. The PC has no defined parameters. NO TWO PC gamers will experience the same thing...o_0...They can show you Avatar like animation and say it's done a's the game??? What kind of specs does the PC have??? How many PC gamers will ever even see it run like that and at what cost??? I would argue very few.

The recent Epic " next gen " Samaritan demo ran on 3, yes THREE Nvidia graphic cards ( 580's ) that cost a combined $1,500...O_o...not including the processor and whatever else they had stuffed in there. How does that scale???

The consoles are a closed system. Whatever game you play on a PS3/360 or Wii will look the same and play the same for that optimizing necessary or REQUIRED.

It's great that some devs out there support the mod community and that there is a community of gamers that like to tinker day and night with there games and if you seen LBP, Halo Forge and Far Cry 2 for example, there is also some mod like creativity available on consoles.

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Gray-Fox-Type02713d ago

Nicely said . No one cares or is bothered about specs and normal people its to much of a hassle. Nice graphics sure, But building a rig that can do those much more frustrating then popping a disc into a console and playing.

BlackKnight2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I hate hearing this. Any gamer that has gaming as their main hobby can stop with this mentality of "I just want to put a disc in" and actually use their brain. Building a PC is not hard at all, it is AMAZINGLY simple once you learn it all, it can be taught in a day.

It is 2011 and so many people are yelling at game developers for being "lazy" dealing with complexities beyond their comprehension but then can't even figure how to put a simple PC together because they are lazy. Seriously people, learning something is rewarding. Building a PC is simpler than building actually making a mod.

Make a hobby out of it (a simple hobby at that) and prepare for a GREAT gaming experience.

Gray-Fox-Type02713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

PC don't even have any good exclusive games so why even bother they have multiplatform games with better graphics BIG DEAL.

Crysis is coming to consoles sad PC has no games. Witcher 2 coming to consoles awww so sad PC no games. Go to highest rated games on PC on metacritic all of them are on consoles too.

mods are pretty cool though they add replay value to your favourite games, and some of the things are incredible that i have seen.

slayorofgods2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

How can you call yourself a gamer and not care about specs?

If you don't understand how computers work that is fine. But in 2011, with a young generation fully ingrained with computers, many people will disagree with that statement.

TheDivine2713d ago

I decided to build myself a decent rig. Ive always been a console gamer because of the exclusives and its cheap and easy. Pc has some really great games i feel im missing out on and seing games i want that cost 10 on xbl, 15 on psn only cost 2 bucks on steam, i want one lol. Its more expensive now but i buy tons of games so its cheaper in the long run. I dont care about specs, im dropping 4-500ish on a tower (use my tv for monitor) and thats that. Il get a graphics card that can run any game i want on decent settings and im happy. Pcs are the shi*, upgradable, free games, cheape games, mods exc. Im going to enjoy playing all the ps2 jrpgs i missed in hd, starcraft 2, diablo 3, stalker, the witcher, i cant wait. I was saving for the vita but thats looking like it wont be til next year.

Moragami2713d ago

"PC don't even have any good exclusive games so why even bother they have multiplatform games with better graphics BIG DEAL. "

Well, you totally missed the point. I'm sure it's something you're totally used to, and completely unaware of.

Exclusives? Not that it's even relevant, as I don't care that I can play something you can't, or vice-versa. It's the gaming experience that matters to real gamers, not some badge that says, "I buy the best console because I am smarter than everybody else".

P.S.> BF3 is a PC exclusive, consoles aren't getting the same game at all.

MaxXAttaxX2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

...look very close to the console version.

Seems like this website isn't aware of using Crysis as the default game for arguing about graphics. LOL

Sure, PC versions are higher res and whatnot. But come on. It's all about the mods. Otherwise is nearly the same sh** for multiplatform games.

moparful992713d ago

Ok instead of mud slinging and making assumptions about the character of other gamers why not try and understand why they feel the way they do?

I love console games not because its easier and all that jazz, not for graphics, nor for performance.. I love console gaming because I have been gaming on conssoles since I was 4 years old... My earliest memories are of a nes with my dad playing classic games that gave birth to the generations of gamers who now make the games we play....

I've played pc games and honestly they just don't have the same connections that I have with console games.. Can you mod the snot out of a pc rather easily and cheapily achieving mind blowing performance? Yes you can but thats not why people play games..

Specs are just bullet points for needless arguments such as this.. Most of us play games because we grew up playing them, its is an indelible part of our culture and lives..

Moragami2713d ago

C'mon Moparful, nobody wants to hear your life story, staying up all night playing NES. Good for you.

This article is about why PC's kick consoles asses all over the place, and i's not even about specs, controls or graphics (though those are 3 more great reasons), it's about user made content, PC games that have been completely overhauled into new experiences. Sure the examples they provide are mostly cosmetic, but that just scratches the surface.

PC's rule consoles are old and appeal to the LOWEST common denominator. It's got nothing to do with your sappy memoirs.

zero_gamer2713d ago

Gray-Fox-Type0, I have no hard feelings for you. But with much respect, I disagree with your post (didn't click on the disagree button though).

I wouldn't speak for those that would prefer to game on a PC over a console. You said no one cares or is bothered about specs, well we have a lot of PC gamers that do care about specs. We even have a lot of console gamers that bash Nintendo's consoles for the specs. You also mention it being a hassle to build a rig, well you can buy a manufactured rig, a pre-built rig at a local computer shop or buy all the ingredient parts and have a friend build the resulting PC for you. Seriously, why pay $60 for an inferior version of the game that plays/looks much better AND smoother on PC? Why pay more for less? See the problem with console versions? PC is well respected for many reasons.

Pixel_Enemy2713d ago

It will all be over soon. When we get fiber wire Internet that can download 1GB a second... Cloud gaming like onlive will take over and the hardware will be connected to a server that we stream at blazing fast speeds. the most amazing visuals will be processed on their end and streamed right to you. You will never have to upgrade your hardware.

Matpan2713d ago

@ BlacKnight... couldn´t agree more. People spend hours speaking about SPUs, dedicated and shared RAM, pixel shaders and the sort about their console of choice but fail to assemble the few hardware parts and plug the cables that take to get a computer running... seems a little contradictory.

And again, the super valued rig point arises. Nowadays it´s not THAT expensive to build a PC that will play most games at high settings and FULL HD... something NO ACTUAL CONSOLE DOES. So YES, it is a FACT from a technical point of view and in terms of raw power and capabilities PC is and will allways be one if not several steps ahead.

I am a happy console gamer, having owned almost every console to date since the 8 bit era and yet I have NEVER ceased to game on my pc. I rarely play a shooter in other platform than PC, except the console exclusive ones... and when a given game gets a release on all platforms at the same time I will probably choose the pc version... Consoles I tend to use for their respective exclusives and to game when friends come arround (which is quite often) as consoles tend to put that easiear and more accesible than PCs...

But... Cmon... humans must be getting more stupid if "building a PC" is now rocket science. we are headed for idiocracy :P

awi59512713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )


The pc exclusives that go to consoles look like crap in comparison so it doesnt matter. You got a port yay for you it still sucks. You really shouldnt be proud of a worthless clone of a pc classic its really funny.Your a joke to us pc gamers. We couldn't care less about you! Your tech is old, your Ai is brainless,your lighting isnt realtime, and your AA is nonexistent we couldn't careless about crappy console ports.

abang2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

A decent PC rig which an play most games at max settings is around $500 (mine was at least).

You also have to realize that that same gaming rig is also your own personal computer which you can watch, browse the net, do work, etc. In my case, I switched to pc for gaming because at the time, my laptop KOed and need a new computer. SO basically, the cash you cough is not SOLELY for gaming.

Besides, a gaming cpu is alot like a console, where you could just sit on your couch and play.

I am currently playing
Starcraft 2
Oblivion(trust me its a DIFFERENT game with mods)
Crysis 2 DX11
FF12 IZJS, Okami, Shadow of colosus on PSCX2(ff12 in 1080p ^_^)
One piece Unlimited and Monster Hunter Tri on Dolphin emu

All on my 36 inch HDTV with a controller..with firefox and powerpoint for work, on tabs..

DarkFantasy2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

actually the PC has alot of games that are not on any console,just to name a few Tottal War,Diablo,WOW,Star Wars:The Old Republic,Starcraft,company of heros,the witcher,Planescape: Tormen, and lots more!!!! i could fill up this whole comment section..i have a good PC so i don't need to mess around with hardware and software for a while yeah i could update my graphics card but i don't need to i can play all games on max settings,building a "rig" is easy with sites like newegg hell there are youtube videos that show you how to build a pc if you don't believe it's that easy,

I game on both PC and PS3 and i think you really need to have that combo to get the best of both worlds tho lately i have been on my PC more because i'm addicted to Tottal War: Shogun 2,really awesome game!! i would give it a 10/10 i am really enjoying it!!.

Gray-Fox-Type02713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

@ Zero_Gamer

Thanks , Maybe my posts has come on abit harsh so sorry for any offense caused. I use to play PC games along time ago, Such as Unreal , Quake , Alot of strategy games such as Total War, Command & Conquer , Empire Earth , Black & White , Half Life and those old but fun theme games ! :D remember Theme Park , Theme hospital lol

But as time passed my new desktop got old and couldn't run all the new games coming out lol So I always prefered consoles. Yes I have looked at pre built gaming rigs, from retailers, but these probably are nothing compared to the ones PC gamers build and saw the Alien PCs which I think are crazy powerful? Am i right? but one thing they are HUGELY expensive and costly. Alien PCs are like £2000..

I would like to get back into PC gaming and play with all those mods i look at and say " wow that is amazing " but where on earth you start...I have all consoles this generation and I play incredible games on them, yes they may be visually less impressive ( but there is no denying some console games look incredible too, Gears , Uncharted , Killzone , Crysis 2 , upcomign RAGE etc ) but hey end of the day they look fine , people only notice the difference when there is a comparison. To me there is no incentive to play PC games, and i can experience gaming at its best with surround sound, large TV and a console easily. Maybe someday...though..

IcarusOne2713d ago

Ah, Sony fanboys: proving they can't handle truth since 2006.

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BlackKnight2713d ago


Why are you thankful? Does having the ability to make your own levels, characters, models, etc bother you?

JayD-1K2713d ago

I know that it's not on the level of PC's but, the PS3 has all those thing as well!

Sony tried to promote the MOD community by using UT to TRY and start a trend!

it's a start at least.

kramun2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

The mods had to be made on a pc before they could be used on the ps3. Hardly a shining light of modding for the ps3 Jay. You can't just make a mod on the ps3, you need a pc first.

fatstarr2713d ago

first off samaritian demo was years ahead of anything on the market right now.

a 8800gtx which you can find for 30$ and can be put into almost any desktop will provide you with next gen graphics on a 1280×720 resolution.

its a myth that you need power for great graphics.

you need power for crazy graphics running on dual monitors at insane resolutions.

you can compare the 2.

CernaML2713d ago

I kept hearing Jeremy Clarkson's voice whenever I read "power."

HardCover2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

There are a lot of mainstream builds.

Any idea how many gamers have an i5 or PII x4 with a 5770 or a 460? A lot.

It's not like the majority of PC gamers are purposely buying obscure and expensive parts for the sake of "individuality" or something... Two company's for GPU, two for CPU, patches and drivers to fill in the holes.....

Not a complicated system to work around.

BlackKnight2713d ago

Especially since Windows will udpate your video card drivers and even the video card drivers have auto update alerts, both nvidia and Ati.

It's easier than ever to be a PC gamer.

Matpan2713d ago

Yup... and you don´t even need the latest family of CPUs to get things going nicely... I still have a Quadcore (you get em quite cheap today)... All I upgraded was my videocard from a 9800 to a 580gtx two months ago and BAM I can suddenly play all DX11 games all maxes out and in over HD resolutions... That´s the beauty of it... you don´t even need to spend all the money together and if you buy wisely you are likely to get a rig that with minor tweaks and upgrades will get going for quite some years...

Consoles rarely get such treats. You are, in 99% of the cases, set with the same hardware till the next generation leap... That being said, I love my consoles as much as my pc. After all, it´s about the games..

pumpactionpimp2713d ago

Core i5 2400-$180
8th ddr3 1600-$110
Msi ati 5770 x2-140
650w pwr supply-60
1 tb hdd-59
Asus p8p67-185

This is my set up, and I over payed on something's because I wanted them NOW! This rig doesnt stutter or hiccup in frame rate in any game I've played so far.

I play bf/bc2
Crysis wo/mods (right now)
Civ 5
Farcry 2
Sins of a solar empire
Team fortress 2

And others.
I payed 600 for the ps3 @ launch. So paying around 700 for this, you can't even compare. My next gen is here.

slayorofgods2713d ago

"THREE Nvidia graphic cards ( 580's ) that cost a combined $1,500"

Now that is just insane. I have one radeon 5770 for a combined 130 dollars and am still ahead of consoles.

Theonetheonly2713d ago

i came from a 5750 and it iced the old boxes.
and when i had it i knew i was miles ahead.

my 6970 is finally getting a workout with the new patch 1.9 for C2

the 6970 just adds insult to injury. the gap is huge now, all we need are a few guys to really take advantage of this new hardware in a meaningful way, that is why most console users say what they do, ("just better graphics") a generational leap in Gaming will come from a company who cannot even be bothered trying to represent their game on a console because they know it is completely outside the scope of its capability. but that would require a mass change in perspective.

but when people dedicate themselves to that cause you will get your masterpiece.

Hanif-8762713d ago

Wow, i couldn't of said it better myself!

afterMoth2713d ago

"NO TWO PC gamers will experience the same thing...o_0"

Not even remotely true. Plenty of people have the exact same PC set up.

cyguration2713d ago

Dang Samaritan only ran on three 580s?!?!

DUDE, think about that for ONE second and you'll know why it's a good thing. That could have very well passed for a big budget movie.

If you can run movie-quality graphics for about $2,000 then I'm not going to complain. It really shows a HUGE step in how advanced software/middleware has come in the past generation.

I don't look at it as "Ah, I'll never be able to afford a system like that" it's more about gamers almost getting to the point where they can afford systems that can handle movie-quality games. That's a good thing.

likedamaster2713d ago

Title should be, why Mods are good. Not that BS. DA2 actually looked worse on PC(I have it). No real good examples. Fail, but keep fighting the fight. Boycott anyone?

jaih272713d ago

My 2 year old CPU can run ICenhancer on GT4 without any hickups and it was a $549.99 rig at that time. As consoles become more expensive, they will have to adopt a style of being able to switchout parts or fall behind, in which case there will be all kinds of companies putting it out, and you'll need much optimization. Samaritain was a demo, not a game, so it's not fair to say anything about scale there. Or you'd have to also ask how many PS3's you need to buy and combine to play it.... I can play anything on my 550 dollar USD rig, that's out maxed right now.

jaih272713d ago

@ winter47, Skyrim will have mod tools, right out've the box.... the devs support this which in turn increases the longevity of the game, and encourages more purchases in the future, when sites like this have news about the next great mod coming for it, really you will see people adding much more mod tools in, in the future as they realise the income potential is much great.... Have fun w/ vanilla skyrim.

Mr Patriot2713d ago

Whoever disagred with inside_out should be shot on sight .... waste of oxygen

zero_gamer2713d ago

God forbid having an opposing opinion on a post. What a crime! /sarcasm

Ravenor2713d ago

Why? He's wrong on several points.

His Samaritan example is bogus, seeing as how that AMAZING looking tech demo was being run on hardware available right now. Expensive sure, but who is to say Nvidia or AMD's next line of cards will require that kind of down payment to experience that?

The rest sounds like him being butthurt over the idea of others having faster PC's.

squidyj2713d ago

Every time someone talks about the performance of the Samaritan demo I want to reach out and smack them. They also stated at the same time that they could probably get it to run on a 560 ti because they hadn't optimized anything for shit yet. There are things done in the demo that are being done in production games (bokeh with custom shape? Crysis 2 can do that, easily) that don't have the same performance cost associated.

Screen Space Subsurface Scattering was another of their new features and that's available in Crysis 2 as well, and displacement mapped tessellation. Battlefield 3 will have that as well for terrain.

Some of the stuff they did with reflections was pretty cool but beyond that?

zeddy2713d ago

here we go again, pc fanboys are like a broken flipping record. we all know pc graphics are better but the games arent. the 360 & ps3 were released 4-5 years ago, how many graphics cards have there been made in those years, you cant upgrade consoles, i wish we could but we cant.

the only game i'd want for consoles thats only for pc would be starcraft 2. and not everyone has the time to play mmo's on pc's all day long.

SilentNegotiator2713d ago

You can always upgrade a PC, and consoles are marketed to SELL (A console with the latest/best tech would cost thousands).

I'll take the AAA games over graphics anyway.

Caffo012713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

you pc guys should just stop promoting m/kb as an incentive to play on pc instead of depends on tastes! i hate playing with mouse and keyboard and yet i don't promote joypad as an incentive to play on console -.-

DA_SHREDDER2713d ago

All I gotta say is Unreal Tournament 3 on ps3, now what pc dorks? Its not like you cant use pc mod tools on consoles, and already games like Portal can cross platform play.

Ravenor2713d ago

None of those mods were developed on the PS3, the mod capabilities were useless without the PC version of the game and the PC version having a large community.

I would also love for you to PM me a list of other PS3 games with the same native M/KB support and mod support. I'm fairly certain that list will be small, maybe if the console version of UT3 sold better other developers would have adopted it.

Portal is a non competitive game, it's already been proven that M/KB vs Controller just leads to butthurt complaining, Shadowrun is a great example of this. Funnily enough they already gimped the Mouse controls in that game.

Liquid_Ocelot2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I've known this for ages.. and I don't think nobody would disagree with it I mean it's the truth. So, why the f**k do we need an article about it every hour?

That'd be like a somebody saying that MOST console games have a MUCH BETTER **story line** than MOST PC games. (And we all know that's bs, it all comes to personal preference).

Now of you excuse me, I'm out. Have a wonderful day my gaming brothers.

Eyeco2713d ago

PC gaming is the ultimate gaming experience .............................i f your prepared , patient and knowledgeable to handle the ammount of shit will put you through, i prefer consoles for there simplicity and ease of use thats something thats undeniable when comparing consoles and pc's , ease of use.

Ravenor2713d ago

Updating drivers is hard!

valanceer2713d ago

Sounds like all these pc gamers are "butthurt" and talking crap because they cant afford their next $500 graphics fix... guess food and rent should keep ya happy XD

SkittlesLikesPopcorn2713d ago

im happy that even a moron like you who has no idea what he's saying can spout bile on n4g. My gfx card cost 290 (GTX 480), and it is light years ahead of ur console. even if you buy one for 130$ you are still ahead.

but be happy gaming on ur 700$ ps3. See how that works? we both can post bullsh1t.

Ravenor2713d ago

As a Omnigamer, no ones butthurt. The PC has lots of advantages over the consoles, it's just aggravating when people post BS reasons for their platform of choice being better then the another.

The 2000 dollar computer and needing to upgrade every 6 months are great examples of people spouting crap.

Blooper622713d ago

Yeah maybe a $130 graphics card is more powerful than whats in the PS3 and Xbox 360 but good luck playing a decent game in HD with an acceptable frame rate. Yeah you can go ahead and get a $500 graphics card and think your awesome but point is no one optimises there games for the PC so in reality they aren't crazy better looking than whats on the PS3 or Xbox 360. It shouldn't be that way but thats how it is.

socomnick2713d ago

Blooper thats pretty delusional.

Not only does a 130 dollar graphics card look and play games better then a 360 or ps3, but it also plays with much higher resolutions, much faster 100+ frame rates, further view distances, and higher res textures.

If you make a game on consoles especially these old outdated pos consoles out now you have to make compromises.

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2713d ago
damnyouretall2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

i personaly dont have a preference when it comes to hardware. i want every good game ever made. pc gamers have more passion for their hobby, its odvious why. more power to them. pc gamers are the most hardcore gaming fuckers youll ever meet

Sony3602713d ago

Short answer, PC is better and more powerful.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2713d ago

Maybe they should rename this article to 'Why fanboys will never stop being fanboys.'. Everyone's bragging about graphics and they seem to be forgetting gameplay is what makes the game too.

SkittlesLikesPopcorn2713d ago

ya and gameplay is best on pc. PC is the only platform that can play ANY genre of games in ANY way you want it. Show me Starcraft 2 (RTS genre) on consoles? consoles cant even do that!

PC's can do:

Keyboard + mouse (best for shooters)
ps3 /360 controller
Racing wheel for racing games
joystick for flying games.

Gameplay is only as good as the controls and pc is the ultimate in that.

CptFlashHeart2713d ago

Fantastic point.

Have a bubble!

tee_bag2422713d ago

As mentioned above. It is like comparing apples and oranges.

I have a 360, PS3 and Quad Core PC that will actually pull off similar graphics on these screen shots here.

PC's usually visually outshine consoles towards the end of their life cycles anyway.. so whats really new here?

Yet I still much prefer the nature of jumping into party chat on my 360 then decided on a game to play with my mates. IMO there is usually more fun for me to be had playing consoles.

subtenko2713d ago

If thats the case how come I cant find alot of games on PC that are on consoles? :( oh yea... thats why I buy consoles too so I can play certain games

So in the end I win, I get to play any games I want, PC and/or console. More game choices for me :)

KRONie2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

2011 PC vs 360 vs PS3 Exclusives lineup

Haters gon' hate.

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firemassacre2714d ago

nice headline, that's sure not to cause a flood of fanboys

nickjkl2713d ago

its funny though becuase

they still act like ps3 has one set of specs

its kinda cute

Pintheshadows2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Ahhh, it's that awesome GTA mod. I have £1237.46. I'm going to build a seriously mental gaming PC. I don't need to spend all that money but frak it.

It was for a car but my new job is a 10 minute walk so to hell with it. I'm out of touch with graphics cards. Could I have some recommendations?

BlackKnight2713d ago

Depends on what you want and what you are playing on. 1 display? do you want to game with multiple displays? Personally I recommend using an HDTV and just doing 1080P with good AA.

Pintheshadows2713d ago

Yeah HDTV for me. What ATi cards are top of the line at the moment? I'm looking to go overboard as I want to futureproof it to a certain extent.

BlackKnight2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Well personally, I don't like multi-GPU configurations because you run into compatibility issues when games first come out sometimes, so I like going very high end SINGLE GPU. Best thing ATi has right now that is single GPU is the 6970, AND it is priced VERY attractively (Around 350 American dollars for well known brands.) The next best card (before going multi-card) is the Ati 6990, which is actually a dual GPU, single card design. It is notorious for its loud fan (very loud) but it is the faster solution, also pricey and rare right now.

However, (I both like ati and nvidia, competition is good) the Nvidia GTX 570 can be found for about 320 American dollars and is a tad faster than the Ati, 6970. I would recommend the 570 simply because its around 5-7% faster and is also cheaper.

Edit, also, you can get the 570 now, and make sure you get a motherboard and power supply that can support a second 570. But for now just get the one 570. And as time goes on and you hit a game that you just NEED to have maxed out, you go and buy another 570 for cheaper (since time has passed) and you practically double your graphics horsepower. Another method of future proofing.

slayorofgods2713d ago

I'm not sure if the cross fire (two graphics cards) motherboards is really that important. It does not double your graphic performance, it is only marginally better. One 6970 or one GTX 570 should do the trick.

It is more important to have a good processor, a i5 or i7 quad core processor or a amd quad core to support the graphics, 3+ cores is very important to today's games.

Also, future gaming is going in a 64 bit direction so go with 4 - 8 gigs of memory.

iamgoatman2713d ago


"It does not double your graphic performance, it is only marginally better."

Not true at all, maybe you should take a look at some benchmarks running multi-GPU setups, in a lot of cases your FPS can be very nearly doubled.

However, the performance increase you'll see running 2 GPUs depends on the game. When a developers supports crossfire/SLI properly the performance increase can be huge, but unfortunately this isn't true for all games, but in my experience running 2 GPUs can increase performance significantly in the majority of cases.

LobsterPot2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

@slayorofgods Performance increase is anywhere from 30-100% depending on the game. Most games nowadays are towards the top end of the spectrum. Besides, a crossfire/sli solution is usually the most cost effective. I have two 6950s in crossfire, costing nearly £200 less than a 6990 and in some benchmarks they actually outperforms it.