Bethesda admit they "still struggle" with NPC believability

Bethesda’s Todd Howard admits that the studio still has trouble making NPC interaction believable – but says they hope they’ve made improvements over their previous work in Skyrim.

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BeastlyRig2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I will buy this as soon as mods come..
Hopefully the witcher 2 will have dlc to keep me busy.

Pintheshadows2722d ago

In all fairness trying to mimic a humans actions/reactions must be really really hard to get right however much work you put in. Especially in an Elder Scrolls game. I'm just happy they have more actors in this time. That was my only complaint with Oblivion. I'm glad they bought level zones in. After level 17 on Oblivion combat is not as much of a challenge and gets progressively easier. I just hope it is capped at around 50. Not 20 like F3 when it launched.

What the point of doing something if you don't get experience?

lMHl2721d ago

They didnt have experience in Elder Scrolls games and there shouldnt be a cap (lvl 1 MILLION)

Merivigian2722d ago

Well for NPCs that do their own daily activities, you might have trouble. But that's because most game's "believable" NPCs are Motion Captured. Bethesda would be hard pressed doing that for every single NPC in the world. I think they're doing a decent job.

ATiElite2721d ago

Well Bethesda may need to go talk to the STALKER Call of Pripyat Devs and ask them questions about their A-Life A.I. system.

this unique A.I. has the NPC's doing everything that a controllable character would do. In fact once you beat the game and just free roam the land it's sorta like a MMO because the NPC's are so realistic that it's like playing with other humans.

Pintheshadows2721d ago

Those guys know AI. When Shadow of Chernobyl came out it was unsurpassed. You have to say though that for only one developer to do it well shows how hard it is.

I can't wait to play Call of Pripyat. I just ordered 2 Nvidia 570s. I'm coming back to PC gaming.

JsonHenry2721d ago

Trying to make a digital character believable in an open world game is not a task I would want to take on.

Angrymorgan2721d ago

I wouldn't care if they were no more believable than oblivions, I'd still love it, fantastic games

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