OXM UK: Kinect Star Wars Preview

OXM UK: "Use the Force, Luke... but not too fast."

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Darth Stewie2688d ago

Lucas Arts should have made a PS Move Star Wars game instead. The move is like a lightsaber

Zir02688d ago

Why would they when Move is pretty much dead even Sony aren't making games for it.

At least with Kinect they have a userbase who will actually buy it.

VelvetHammer2688d ago

It's funny when ppl say sony doesn't make games for move. When there are more games readily available for the move then kinect. Games that matter atleast. Seriously kinect has failed to persuade me to buy it with so few games supported and im not about to buy it for a stupid seasame street game and disney game. Let alone this star wars game. So disappointed in what i saw at e3 for this game.

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Just_The_Truth2688d ago

Move Existing games: 53--8.8 million (as of 7 June 2011) Kinect Existing games: 26--10 million (from E3)

r212688d ago

did you get that idea from that recent article regarding move's death, hehehe, you so silly ;D

TheKayle2688d ago

@Aphosis..i got the move..and is horrible with most of games..if not designed JUST FOR sport kz3 with the just freakin embarassing...the nav controller is just annoying..i hope sorcery will be the first nice game for that hw......on the other hand....kinect ..yeah most of games r silly...just if not more than the move...but the fact is....move is just expansive...u need a lots of controllers...(if r 1..u need to buy ps eye...nav controller ..and the wand)....if u wanna play in two (and this is what everyone would do)...u can start to buy another controller.....and u will pass all the time to recharge 2 controller of the ps3..+ 3 (1 nav + 2 wand)....this is BORING..i got it and at least it is for me...
games r stupids for both console..but kinect got an multiarray mic....ps3 eye dont have it..just a normal stereo mic.......
u say ..."u could do the same thing with ps3 eye + move blalablablab"..yeah but why they dont do it then?!
the wii sold 3 times of the ps3 with this dont come and tell me "they dont do coz is stupid"....3 times of the users of the ps3 want that shit...and microsoft just give to them what they fact...kinect sold this much that win a world guinnes record....
move didnt...

i would just have more hardcore gears and more casual game for the kinect..and some hardcore that use kinect like forza 4 will be......this would be the perfect games platform
u can bet your ass the next ps will have something like the kinect ;) trust in me and if they dont....they just stupid......coz IT SELL...

and one thing that u must learn is...

hardware is never stupid......developers r ;)
look at virtua tennis for move....WTF is?!?!?! can hit the move on the ground and u will do a nice shoot ...if isnt that "casual" i dont know what that word mean ..

GodHandDee2688d ago


you mean like a more advanced PSEye with Move? no kidding

at least that combination works and won't be a lag fest for games like these. Seriously, Kinect is perfect for workout games and dance central like games..for games like this? Hell want to talk about embarrassment? go look at gameplay vids of kinect star wars, now THAT is embarrassing as hell

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Godmars2902688d ago

Could always make both. One for Move and one for Kinect.

Not that I'd buy either.

dirigiblebill2688d ago

Can't help but think that you need a wand for this kind of game. The latency problem is hard to get around.

DJMarty2688d ago

Kinect is retarded.

Dancing around pretending to hold a lightsaber is sad.

Made even worse by the lag of Kinect.

Venjense2688d ago

Why is every Kinect game so really sucks as a controller apparently.