Online Passes : Enough is Enough

PCN: "We all know about the dreaded online pass that EA has started. New games come with special codes to unlock the online portion of games. Anybody that purchases these games used has to then go to the online store and buy the code, which normally runs at 10 to 15 dollars. The code can only be used on one account, and has tons of issues arising as the days go on. Before we step any further, we do support new developers and we do support the idea of finding a way to show them our support. However the idea of punishing people buying used games is not the solution and here is why."

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Hanif-8762716d ago

I think its a good idea for them implementing the online pass. Its better the publisher than GameStop ripping me off!

DirtyLary2716d ago

Exactly. Ban used game sales or STFU. Devs and publishers losing out on profits while GS makes a killin off their work.

hazelamy2716d ago

how are they losing out on profits exactly?
they got paid their fair share for every copy that ends up being sold preowned.

it's only gaming that's so full of greedy cunts like ea that they actually think they deserve more than their fair share.

if they think game stores are unfairly making money on the games they need to go after the store, but no, they cant afford to do that can they, they know know if they fuck over the stores the stores will tell them to fuck off.

if the stores are making money illegally, the publishers need to sue them.
but they haven't, because despite what these greedy fuckbags think, it's perfectly legal.

and these bullshit schemes don't just affect stores.
they also affect private sellers, they affect people lending or giving away their games.

they also affect families.
what do you say to a mother with two kids arguing because one of them cant play the latest fifa online because ea are a bunch of greedy fucking cunts?

caseh2716d ago

'Exactly. Ban used game sales or STFU. Devs and publishers losing out on profits while GS makes a killin off their work.'

Should we apply this attitude to used car sales as well? While we are at it lets also apply it to used DVDs/Blu-Rays and music CDs.

How dare consumers be allowed to sell on their goods to anyone who has a business sense to make a profit from someone elses unwanted goods...

DirtyLary2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

"how are they losing out on profits exactly? "

You really can't see the problem here??????? Instead of buying a new copy of the game as intended, players buy a used copy, which circumvents the devs/pub getting their royalties on a new game purchase, only GS makes a profit. How hard is it to figure out. Stop being cheap bastards. Maybe it's time to rethink your hobby of choice.

In a business plagued by pirating killing profits and development companies, the last thing gaming needs is devs/pub losing even more money they rightly deserve.

Ethereal2716d ago


So I want to spend 10 million dollars to develop a game. Once the game ships to retail you discover modest sales but then find that 50% of future sales were preowned in which you receive no money for. Instead you cease production of said game and gamers are forced to buy preowned and you end up losing out on alot of money that could have been made. I don't see you complaining if it was your investment.

hazelamy2716d ago

if 50% of sales of the game are preowned, then most new buyers must have sold their copy, there has to be a reason for that.

if you make a shit game are we supposed to subsidise you because you spent a lot of money on it?
fuck that noise.

they make shit games or what is virtually the same fucking game they made the year before, and the year before that.

this is a free market economy, if your product is a pile of shit it wont sell.

answer one question, why do these publishers deserve more than their fair share.

dirtylary, you say "In a business plagued by pirating killing profits and development companies, the last thing gaming needs is devs/pub losing even more money they rightly deserve."

firstly, preowned nothing like piracy, and i am sick of that fucking propaganda bullshit from the publishers.

tthey do not rightly deserves a single fucking thing once they've got paid for that copy.
and that's all they should fucking get, like every opther business has to.

why do people suck these fucking publisher's cocks when they say they can take from us what they have no fucking right to.

you can support these cunts if you like, but i say you're the ones who are akin to the fucking pirates, because you're the one supporting fucking criminals.

Biggest2716d ago


STOP WITH THE CAR ANALOGIES!!! Cars are not games. The same rules do NOT apply. Once you buy a car, it's your car. The manufacturer has nothing to do with your car anymore unless you ask (pay) for their involvement. Games with online funtions are maintained by the developers/staff. They work on the game before, during, and after its sale. They should not be forced to provide ANYTHING for a consumer that didn't ask (pay) for their services.

Ducky2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

tthey do not rightly deserves a single fucking thing once they've got paid for that copy.

You're right, they got their fair share for that one copy you bought.
Now they want to impose their share on every used copy that gets bought thereafter.
What's wrong with that? They made the game, so they're free to do what they want with it.

You got a problem with the publisher/dev wanting more money off a game they made, but you're fine with letting shops like GameStop sell you over-priced used games? O.o

caseh2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )


Sorry but the analogies are fair. Regardless of what you might think, your argument of online functions is irrelevant. All developers state the same thing, it is something that is considered to be 'additional' content as it isn't the main functionality of the product. The only exception to this that I am aware of is MAG on PS3 that is online only.

Gamestop simply recycle unwanted games in the same way a showroom may take unwanted cars. If this analogy was to hold true, it would be like Toyota saying 'oh by the way, if you're buying our car pre-owned you need to pay us X amount to be able to use the air-con' which is complete horse shit.

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BeastlyRig2716d ago

If you got rid of gamestop(The middle man) who takes a cut it would stop ripping the devs off!

that will happen soon when console games become digital..

gamingdroid2716d ago

Online Passes is the surest way of killing your online community. We all know, the types of games that people hold on to the longest are online games!


Kur02716d ago

Fifa 11 has an online pass and it is still the most played online sports game out there. The general public probably isn't bothered too much about online passes.

Biggest2716d ago

Yeah, that made no sense. If online games are the type of game that people hold on to the longest, wouldn't they also be the type of game that people purchase new and keep?

gamingdroid2715d ago

Consider this when

a) the biggest games sell gazillion already, so they don't need online pass to be profitable

b) they also don't have an issue with communities as plenty of people own it

c) they are also the type of game that everyone is familiar with

It is the smaller less known games that will suffer, because nobody is willing to pay $10 to try out online gaming to see if they like it. You want as many people to play your game as possible, because that is a potential future sale.

Taking up front online fees (apart from being bad for the consumer) is putting barriers in front of your potential customer.

Jonmau52716d ago

I read through this article on your site and I think this article has made more sense than anything else I have ever read on here.

I agree completely with you much of what you say in the article, the EA pass that locks the online play is a poor idea. The Alice way of giving you extra if you buy it new but not preventing you from playing the game is a better route to take.

I even don't mind when in games like Homefront or Need For Speed Hot Pursuit when you get a 7 day trial of the online pass or you can play online until you reach rank 5. These are better ways to go about it.

I rented Dirt 3 but I can't play it online OR upload any videos through the in game feature to Youtube without being forced to buy a pass for a game that once rented and played I will send back.

The game companies who restrict games with these passes are still paid a premium fee from Lovefilm and rental services... so why do the customers who use these rental services get punished?

Grave2716d ago

One of the main reasons I stopped using Gamefly. I play less games because of it too. Charge me to play. No thx.

Rocket Sauce2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I'm almost positive American McGee's Alice was originally going to be an extra freebie on the disc, then they cut it out and online-passified it.

Jonmau52716d ago

The original game being included is simply only an add on extra, it does not affect anyone who rents or buys the game pre used other than they won't be able to play the original game.

I like the way Spicy Horse (developer) handled EA when it came to Alice: MR

Rocket Sauce2716d ago

I agree, it's cool that the original game is there - I'm playing it right now and loving it - but they're not really rewarding new buyers, they're just holding content back from everybody else.

That's why I can't get behind online (or offline in this case) passes.

Kur02716d ago

Alice doesn't have online play which is why they used that method.

TacoTaru2716d ago

It's a great idea. A used copy of a newish game at GameStop is only about $5 less than a new copy. They can still charge that price and include an online pass and make a profit. Not as much of a profit as they do now because the publisher will actually receive something. I'm sure that GameStop could work out a bulk purchase discount when buying the online passes from the publisher to include in their used games.

hazelamy2716d ago

all you need to know is, the publisher got what they were legally entitled to when the game was sold the first time.

they have no right to any more than that.
zero, nix, nada, nil points, not a bloody sausage.

it's only in gaming that the publishers want more than what they're legally entitled to.

--Onilink--2716d ago

with that kind of thinking we are going to be out of game developers very soon. Imagine you make a game where 40-50% of the ppl who play it buy it used. How do you think games are made??? with money, they dont fund themselves with good thougts.

hazelamy2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

well fucking good then, if they think they can violate our rights for their fucking greed they deserve to fucking go out of business.

god the way you peaple kiss their arse is fucking pathetic.

once i've bought the game i own it, i can do whatever the fuck i like with it, so long as it's legal.
and reselling my games is 100% legal.

the publisher can keep its greedy fucking claws off.

Kur02716d ago

You're a selfish bastard. Do you even know what its like for a game studio to close because of used game sales. Lets say your game wasn't too popular but it grew word of mouth to the point that 3 months later everyone is buying it but they decide to get it used. That would be a total bummer so at least you would take in some revenue from the 10$ online pass.

Rocket Sauce2716d ago

Nobody is going out of business because of used games.

Biggest2716d ago

Nope. Just poor sales. I wonder if people playing poorly selling games without paying for them has anything to do with that. . .

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