Infinity Blade Kinect was "too risky" - Epic

OXM UK: "Celebrated sword-and-graphics fest Infinity Blade was originally a Kinect title, migrating eventually to iPad and iPhone. According to vice president Mark Rein, Epic felt releasing a game for Microsoft's new peripheral was "too risky" at that stage in proceedings."

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dirigiblebill2721d ago

Too fast, more like. Can't see Kinect keeping up with Infinity Blade.

coolbeans2721d ago

Possibly not in it's current form; however, updates keep improving the tech.

NewMonday2721d ago

updates can only improve software.

coolbeans2721d ago

1. Is Infinity Blade not software?

2. That doesn't seem to be the case for Kinect. If you saw their sub-par E3 performance, they mentioned upgrading Kinect to now enable finger tracking and making it closer to 1:1 . You can check out some older Kinect threads and they'll fill you in on certain Kinect features being improved upon.

Just_The_Truth2721d ago

sorry it's going to be hardware that makes kinect faster not software with the camera capped at 30fps it's going to be slow, kinects not getting better people are just getting dumber.

coolbeans2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

^Thank you very much for the unneeded personal attack. MS / devs have mentioned tricks in order to making Kinect-only games smoother. I believe your username is quite contradictory to what you post; hopefully this is just a rare occurance.

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Bigpappy2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

If Fruit Ninja can be done, so can Infinate Blade. You Kinect specialist (Haters) are Full OF Crap!

Why not be logical and say: may be they didn't believe Kinect would sell enough to give them a high enough return. Noooo, that makes too much sense and does not flame as much as laggy or unresponsive. Give it up trolls!

coolbeans2721d ago

Keyword would be "was", not "is". Seeing the success it's had on iPhone + iPad, it would be cool to see this jump on XBLA and price it the same as Fruit Ninja Kinect.

dragunrising2721d ago

This game might be more fun with Kinect. You would also likely get a workout. I wish Infinity Blade didn't have so much grind. It takes too long to acquire good weapons and max them out. If they made a Kinect version that didn't require countless hours to buy everything and level up, I'd be interested.

Fishy Fingers2721d ago

Fair enough I guess without knowing what sort of install base they'll have and MS pushing it largely as a casual device, being the sole 'core' title would of been a risk.

Still, while it's a pretty game, its insanely boring, so no real loss for Kinect/360.

Darth Stewie2721d ago

This should be ported to the Vita instead of Kinect.

dragunrising2721d ago

It would be just as boring on Vita as on the iPhone/iPad. I had fun with the game for a couple hours but it lacks in the gameplay department. It's basically a fighting game on rails. It lacks in story and exploration as well. There is no reason to grind away countless hours to "beat" this game.

Venjense2721d ago

Judging from the Kinect Star Wars game, IB wouldn't work due to lag.

When an iPhone controls better you know something is wrong with the device.