The End of Pre-Owned Games?

With the announcement of the PSN Pass, many gamers are asking themselves “Could this be the end for the pre-owned video game market?”

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firemassacre2717d ago

This gen is mostly online oriented so i can see a decrease of some sort.

blackbeld2717d ago

Damn. I hate that PSN Pass.

It's all about $$ nowadays with Sony.

That means now on buy second hand games from friends or some other gamer. I have to pay extra again to play online?

That is a stupid idea.

Its like i buy an audio cd from a friend and have to pay extra again to listen the song from my pc audio player?

Heartnet2717d ago

a better interpretation would be buy an audio CD and only get to listen to half of the songs :)

Its not that bad.. buy it new or buy it pre owned and pay for the online pass.. if buyinbg it preowned and buying the online pass works out cheaper youve still saved some money so its not all bad :)

Emilio_Estevez2717d ago

What is stupid about wanting to get paid when your game is sold. Unless game stores are willing to give them some of the profit then there is no other option for them.

In the end it is good for gamers as the devs will be able to get more money and make games better, faster, and be able to survive. How many studios have shut down in the last few years?

Kingscorpion19812716d ago

Does this affect online co-op??

Kurt Russell2717d ago

I rely on selling on my finished games to buy myself a new one, either through trade shops or ebay. If I can no longer recoup my money I will have to be very tight on what games I choose to buy. No more taking a punt on a new title, or buying something just to see what it's like... Instead I'll buy the odd 1 or 2 games that I know will keep me entertained for long periods of time, which lets face it, excludes a great deal of the 8 hour affairs that games tend to be nowadays.

At the end of the day developers will be getting less money from me as a result.


from my point of view i just hope it brings the preowned prices down

Cenobia2717d ago

...and puts Gamestop out of business.

I'm all for paying the actual developers and not some slimy middle man. The online pass will at least give developers some of the money they deserve for creating the product.

I think they should give people a one day trial though. That way they could potentially get people renting or trading to purchase it.

As long as the amount isn't ridiculous (hopefully between $5-$10) then it should be okay. People can still save money by waiting a couple months and buying new.

Zashule2717d ago

Glad to see you are rooting for thousands of people to lose their job. My second job is working for a used game store (not GameStop) and I don't understand why people wish for used game stores to go out of business. Sure the pay is not great, but in this economy, you take what you get. Pawn shops and online auction sites would just pick up the business anyways, you can't get rid of it.
Since you look at me as a "slimy middle man" I assume you buy all your DVDs new, all your Cars New, All your computers, furniture, televisions, and your house new, and I also assume you have never had to sell or pawn anything to make a house payment or pay a hospital bill.
If you can manage that, I want to get paid what you do, because it would bankrupt me.

caseh2717d ago

Worst news ever, more and more games using online access these days.

Better for developers, pretty bad for gamestores and end-users.

'Excuse me, I just bought this pre-owned game and it doesn't work online...'

Sprudling2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Better for developers also means better for the end-users in the long run. Games don't just magically pop out of nowhere. They have to be created using tons of time and money.

There are articles about studios being closed down quite frequently these days. All of these are games we could have gotten, but don't. The easier (economically) it is to be a dev, the more games we'll get overall.

Think of it like taxes. The taxes you pay don't just disappear, they come back to you in one way or another. It's not a coincidence that the countries with the highest taxes are also the best countries to live in. Buying used is like giving your tax money to a middleman who you think is going to pay it for you, but instead he just takes the money for himself. That money is not going to come back to you.

blackbeld2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )


I think you just bump you're head a bit too hard or are you drunk?

Cause what you write there is RIDICULOUS STUPID like Communist!

Sprudling2717d ago


Just tell me what in my post you believe is inaccurate. Including an explanation of why obviously.

I'm not holding my breath that you can :)

blackbeld2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

'Think of it like taxes. The taxes you pay don't just disappear, they come back to you in one way or another. It's not a coincidence that the countries with the highest taxes are also the best countries to live in.'

That is so stupid.

And are you happy to pay tax? Why should I pay (help) for those lazy @sses that would not want to get a job?

Sprudling2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

It's pretty narrowminded to believe that taxes are only used to help the unemployed. That's just a very tiny fraction.

I don't expect everyone to understand macroeconomics, but it you don't - then don't pretend you do.

And yes, I'm quite happy with paying 42% income tax knowing that it makes my country one of the best to live in. And with what's left I can buy at least one new game a week without any problems. And that's without ever trading anything in.

blackbeld2717d ago

When did I tell that about macro economics? I am a gamer!

Narrow minded? Tiny friction? That is you're point off view. If you are more openminded then you will understand.

I guess you're living in Europe then you are already brain washed what they tell you in the media. Wake up dude.

FunAndGun2717d ago

damn Sprud, they got you man.

ignorance is bliss they say.

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Kran2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Well no its not the end just yet as you've still got the current pre-owned games and they aren't just going to go to waste. Plus, PSN Pass is probably going to be able to be bought on the PSN store, just like EA Passes.

koh2717d ago

Sure, but that's going to cut into pre-owned seller's profit margins by a lot. Which will eventually kill most if not all of them.

caseh2717d ago

Perhaps gamestores could bundle in PSN passes with pre-owned games.

Guess it will come down to how much they cost to begin with. :/

XRider2717d ago

Fine if you only play old games

Darkspade2717d ago

Why would this make any difference to the buyer... what will happen now is the Seller will need to drop they're price by $10.. Gamestop won't be able to get there 100% mark up but I think they'll survive with a 70% mark up

AverageGamer2717d ago

If you can't buy a pass, then you're out of luck if you want to play a game online.

This is forcing those who want the online features to buy new.

caseh2717d ago

This news has probably given people like Activision's Bobby Kotick a raging hard-on!

Time to get it in place before MW3 is released so they can rape and pilage the masses.

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