Microsoft and Sony are 'testing the water' for next gen

Microsoft and Sony are "testing the water" for the next generation of consoles with Kinect and PlayStation Move, 2K chief Christoph Hartmann believes.

"I don't think they are avoiding doing another machine but testing the water," Hartmann told MCV.

"Rather than coming out and saying 'this is our console now,' I think they are playing around and seeing what they can do," he explained. "These guys know how to manufacture the chips or push the memory, the kind of thing you usually get with each new console generation. But now everyone is looking for innovation and at online components, so they are experimenting."

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user83971442689d ago

Sweet waterproof playstation

BabyCarlos2689d ago

Who the hell is interested in what Christoph Hartmann thinks?

Fishy Fingers2689d ago

"Testing the water" must be code, for "What Nintendo makes popular and we tack onto our systems".

Rynx2689d ago

Just like what Nintendo made "popular" about N64 and GC right? Or like how Nintendo made their online "popular"?

This isn't only about seeing what Nintendo is doing. Apple and mobile phones/tablets are doing something that's attractive to the casuals eye. This is not only something that Microsoft and SONY should look after, but Nintendo too. Oh right, maybe that's why the Wii U is already sticking some buttons on a imitation tablet.

On top of that services like STEAM and iTunes are immensely popular, so it would be in the best interest in all three console manufactures to make sure their service is up par. Something the likes of which Nintendo hasn't gotten the full grasp of yet. If they don't get their online to the likes of PSN/XboxLive well into the WiiU life cycle, then they will get left behind dramatically.

BeastlyRig2689d ago

Soo they are testing the casual water before moving on? Great for the console player them!!

nickjkl2689d ago

wait Sony has been [preparing for ps4 since the ps2 holy shit thats a long time

because they have been developing move since the ps2

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The story is too old to be commented.