Darkest Fantasies

Press X or Die argues the case for why The Witcher 2 might be the most unexpectedly noir game released this year.

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JsonHenry2717d ago

Such a fantastic game start to finish.

frelyler2717d ago

I agree it is a fantastic game, but the endings leave me feeling like something is missing. There are a lot of questions presented and never answered towards the end ( some really big ones are never really answered either). Don't get me wrong I loved every minute of the game, but does anyone else feel the same?

hot_heart2717d ago

I never found myself unsatisfied with the endings but that might be because I'd read up on a lot of things about the game and Witcher lore before writing the article. Plus, I don't feel stories always have to answer every question directly; it's nice to have a bit of mystery. I guess some of it depends on what choices you make as to little bits of information you may gain, plus they're clearly leaving certain things unresolved for a sequel.

I'd be very interested to hear what you felt was left a bit open though.

mobijoker2717d ago

The ending seems so bcoz witcher's story is a fairly big one.The first witcher game circled around a short story while the second one just touches the surface of some stories.Still the game is epic.I wonder what will the game become when they touch the core elements of witcher's world like Ciri,Yennefer,The Wild Hunt,Nilfgaard,Oxenfurt etc.

frelyler2717d ago

Exactly, very well said, I did not want to write too much for fear of spoiling things for people who have not played it.

@hot_heart- mobijoker said what I wanted to.

hot_heart2717d ago

OK, fair enough. If you wouldn't mind PMing me though, I'd appreciate it.

Since I tend to write about story-telling and such and have an interest in WRPGs it's always nice to see what others think. Cheers.