Current Social Games are “Not Fun”

Some time ago TGR published an article titled the Legacy of Bartle, outlining how Richard Bartle’s influences on game design could be applied to most games that are developed, and how his influences are in turn influencing the games most of you guys end up playing. This highly influential figure has hit out at the current surge in social gaming, looking at the likes of Farmville on Facebook as merely a single player game with an extra layer to make it feel like you’re socialising when in actual fact it’s nothing of the sort.

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Minartis2718d ago

True , I got caught up in the Farmville game - just because my friends were playing it.

Tbh it does keep you coming back - but not out of enjoyment , it's just so that all the effort you've put in so far doesn't go to waste.

That's not fun , it's like some kind of torture.