LG: Dedicated gaming handhelds are 'over'

CVG - South Korean technology giant LG has poured doubt on PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS's chances, claiming that the era of dedicated handheld gaming is "over".

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firemassacre2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Its over? then why have i already pre-ordered my vita?
why is it getting over 150 developers?

handheldwars22719d ago

Is that why angry birds has over 200million downloads?

DarkTower8052718d ago

Why does Angry Birds have over 200m downloads?

1. Because its a fun casual game that's available on 90% of phones.

2. Because in most cases its a free download.

Nitrowolf22718d ago

your comparing a game that is free on Androids, On the web, and cost$.99 cent on Itunes to $50 games.
Well duh of course it's gonna have more downloads, it's only freak'n $.99

BattleAxe2718d ago

The fact that Angry Birds is a free download on Android phones has probably got alot to do with that.

But seriously now, WTF does LG know anyway? What was the last gaming platform they came out with......oh yeah, thats right, they've never made one.

Deadman_Senji2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Angry Birds? I noticed you said downloads. Surely nobody would purchase a flash game equivalent like Angry Birds with actual currency. Unless it's like, maybe .99.

How does that even begin to compare to a console game or as I understand of the Vita, the handheld equivalent.

Free - .99 vs $50 - $60

I really just want to know what the craze with Angry Birds is. It's a cheap and quick game you can play while you wait for whatever reason. I've played a very similar game for free on Newgrounds. If anything, Angry Birds is a ripoff of that idea.

Louis_Guzman2718d ago

Angry Birds is thumb candy for retards, plain and simple. It's also free in most cases.

NewMonday2718d ago

what dose a fridge maker have to do with consoles?

Fullmetalevolust2718d ago

Because when Im pooping I wanna occupy my time, and it truly helps my colon when I get those three stars. I imagine Im the big fat white bird launching some major "eggs"!
And sometimes a major poop can require my psp, but for the most part, angry birds it is!

DaTruth2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Still butthurt about that copyright infringement suit, eh LG?

Tomorrow, will you be telling Covergirl that red lipstick is over?

I would probably buy it day 1, but I don't really have much places to go for the next year, so I will wait, but for the past 2 years, I wouldn't have wanted to live without my PSP!

Oxymoron0282718d ago

What's that supposed to mean?

That portable gaming devices are dead?

Because Angry Birds has over 200million downloads?

shit me, in that case the home console is dead as well! and PC gaming! FUCK WHAT HAS GAMING COME TOO.

Or, you're just a retard.

I'm guessing the latter.

theonlylolking2718d ago

Angry bids is horrible and If we are going by numbers then Wii sports wins.

MaxXAttaxX2718d ago

Using a phone for real gaming doesn't work for me. Gaming handhelds have superior controls and better games.

AAACE52718d ago

At first I believed that other mobile devices were taking over, but now I barely play any of the cellphone games and such.

These markets will please the casuals. But for real gamers, more work needs to be done in these areas to be viable.

ExPresident2718d ago

@newMonday -

The fridge maker has everything to do with spouting about a console failure when its your rival making tv's. Why not throw out some random comment about consoles failing to possibly hurt your competitor a bit.

Atleast thats the case imo. I couldn't see why LG would care really, but they came out and said it.

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DA_SHREDDER2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

because you probably have money, but not enough common sense. Personally, I was hoping for a handheld that not only was dedicated to gaming, but also dedicated to my other needs. Which is btw, a hybrid between a phone/gaming tab. This is just a psp with touch screen, an extra analog stick, and hardly in HD. so whatever, I hope your happy buying this, ill be playing full fledged games on my ps3 until the ps4 comes out. BTW, gaming on the go is for losers, unless your bored waiting at the doctors office, or on a train or something.

Slow down rick james, you can already play full fledged games on tablets using the Onlive service, which btw, works perfectly fine. Sony needs to come out with a service like that to compete because unless it has mario, pokemon, or zelda, people wanna beable to do more than just game when it comes to handhelds.

bozebo2718d ago

firstly... ?

Secondly, Sony have monster hunter, which is extremely popular in the handheld scene right now.

Waddy1012718d ago

I'm sorry but Hardly in HD? The Vita has a higher pixel density ratio than a normal 1080p tele.
Also how is gaming on the go for losers? I like to game on the go because it suits my lifestyle, i move around a lot and cannot always get on my PS3 and like to play quality games. Not $.99 casual games, although there are good games on iOS like dead space they just don't last like a quality handheld game.

Otheros002718d ago

The ifad is not even HD and everyone is putting HD name of their game for the ifad.

The games for 3ds can put 3d in the name because the 3ds can actually do 3d.

It's st*pid for people to put HD in the name when the ifad doesn't even do HD.

jdfoster002718d ago

'Personally, I was hoping for a handheld that not only was dedicated to gaming,' It's more of an entertainemnt system if you think about it! As you can play movies ov the vita... Like a prtable gaming, movie platform! That has online to meet friend. PS suite etc

mastiffchild2718d ago

Did he really say handheld gaming is for losers unless, you know, you're travelling which is WHEN 99% of handheld gaming(portable, you understand) goes on. I see no ships.

The other point I have is that NO phone gives me anything like the portable gaming I need. I jhave an iPhone ansd will possibly get a diffeerent Android later this yuear but gaming will be a very downgraded experience on it compared to a GBA let alone a 3DS or Vita. The controls beig fully touch screen are SIT and as such allow the market for devices like Vita and 3DS whioch will BOTH propser and the ONLY issue PSP ever had was the Pandora battery enabled piracy it suffered from day one. To sell so many WITH said problem was a miracle and the popularity of MH ensures Sony big, big sales at home and this time, if piracy is kept down, the western devs will have plenty of great games for it as well as console ports of blockbusters-I see COD playable on Vita and AGAINST those at home on PSN.

Then, if Sony play thewir trump card(making ?Vita able to download from PSStore huge swathes of the best console library in existence(PS2, natch) then why won't Vita be an amazing success? If we're happy to play HD remakes of PS2/Xbox/GC games at home won;'t peole eat them up portably? I think it's a better way of catching up on missed classics than taking up the time you could spend on NEW home console games with them.

Ico on the go? Great stuff, full GTA pack? Amazing. FF10-12? SSX Tricky etc? Timeplitters with added online and also playable on PS3/PSN? The chances of success if Sony do it right are really high now peopl;e are possibly ready to upgrade their in the go gaming having enjoyed simple five minute skives like AB or whatever on uiOS/Android set ups. the dual analogs are a massive step forward(moreso than the rear touch pads or 3D on 3DS imho)and will allow more remote play and tons of cross over with, not just PS3/4 but also PC gamers in the future. The Vita has a great future and just because it ain't a phone is neither here nor there. Iphone sold amazingly well and , being honest, it's a crap game machine,average MP3/4 player and poor phone-and terrible at everything when you consider the high price you pay for that outdated and, frankly, past it, Apple design we know all too well by now. they got away with style over substance for ages and we WILL get bored en masse just as I saw through it after a couple of ruined games on my iPhone. SF on touchscreen? Seriously, wtf?

I got an iPhione hoping the day had come where I could carry just ONE device for my on the go needsz but I'm right back to a Sammy phone, Sony vid and music player and either a SP or DS for gaming. We aren't even close to a device that covers all this to a great enough quality and that's without touching on how bad the iPhone is as a camera/vid recorder. This being the case why would vita fail if it's as expected and given no one else offers anything like the sweetness of those controls on the go I see no real competition for trad genres of gaming-why wouldn't gamers want and cherish one unless thewy don't like Sony?

Look at the games you love. look at every available way of playing them on the move. now tell me Vita isn't a great idea. Hate it if you want but those two analogues make a massive difference when nothing else remotely similar has them or a library like it will have(and if PS2 games come too!!) I have mine preordered and am really content with everything I've seen so far.Except the nonsense controls for Everyday Fighter-why reinvent EVERYTHING?

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Inside_out2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

The PS Vita, with dual sticks is the only TRUE handheld gaming device coming. LG is obviously clueless about gaming and while they are one of the worlds biggest maker of all things electronic, they are in new waters when it comes to what the hardcore gaming enthusiast wants and needs.

The PS Vita could easily run many of today's biggest titles, albeit in a limited way, but far better than any tablet or cell phone...O_o

I'll be buying mine day one tho I am debating which version to get. I think while many may view it's price point somewhat high, that fact of the matter is no other handheld in the history of gaming was ever this feature rich and DID I MENTION THE DUAL STICKS!!! Tablets cost twice as much as do most cell phones without a plan and will offer half the performance.

Sony really needs to get Activision involved and to bring COD and COD Elite to the Vita.

I have no idea how these silly tablets with no controls and dumb brain numbing apps can compare.

Waddy1012718d ago

There's going to be a COD on the vita, it's already been partly announced.

Waddy1012718d ago

I agree completely with this, i don't want casual games that last a short while. I want high quality HD games with good controls on a TRUE handheld gaming device.
I dislike how a lot of companies go on about how gaming is dying to mobile phones but what they fail to realise is that we as gamers don't want cheap casual games we want deep, detailed games which last.

jdfoster002718d ago

Sony really needs to get Activision involved and to bring COD and COD Elite to the Vita.

COD was announced on the PS VITA ages ago...

Graphics2718d ago

Never new you mattered.

badz1492718d ago

and I should take your words seriously? Why? I have been gaming for a long time now and let me tell you this: bite size gaming, abeit popular nowadays will never be a substitute to full fledge games, PERIOD! I have a smart phone but games on it are just for filler. Never satisfying enough! I still need my gaming fix through dedicated gaming platform.

Granted that I never like the DS but it's damn popular and PS Vita? Can't wait for it!!

SilentNegotiator2718d ago

LG creates garbage TVs and cell phones. Guess what and who directly competes with them?

*COUGH* Handhelds and Sony/Nintendo *COUGH*

Phantasm2718d ago

While I do agree that LG has no clue about the gaming industry, they do make some amazing HD sets. They've won numerous awards at CES for their HD sets. Some consider their high end LED displays to have the best pic on the market right next to Panasonic.

They make both entry level and high end sets which consist of LCD, LED and Plasma. They are #2 in the world behind Samsung with TV sales.

Also, if you do research on TV's you'll find that every TV has it's fair share of defects, bugs and other issues.

blumatt2718d ago

Well, I guess it's good that the Vita does so much more than JUST gaming. It's a multimedia powerhouse and I'm sure it will have Skype, which will allow it to be your phone (in a way, not a fully functional cell phone). Don't be so quick to call out dedicated handhelds just yet, LG. The Vita has a huge chance to turn the tide on cell phone gaming domination. Something else it has it cross platform play between the PS Vita, PS3, and, in some cases, PC.

clearelite2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Exactly, Me too...
That's why I'm pre-ordering Vita and don't like to play games on my phone, right LG?
So, when PS Vita and 3DS both do well should I start to consider whether or not LG is "over"?
Lets see if your company will even be making phones as long as Nintendo has been making handhelds.
Take it back and maybe I will forgive you for the crappy LG washer and dryer I've been using.
:| lol
btw "handheldwars" that comment was kind of counter productive. Funny you only mention one game though(angybirds).

showtimefolks2718d ago

so this maybe sour grapes.

All i know is i am very excited about VITA my only problem with psp was it only had one thumb stick and that made a hard learning curve.

but now with improved graphics,2 analog sticks and a price point both gamers and publishers are excited about why not.

I think we will all be surprised how well VITA will do and nintendo has lost it with 3DS so now sony can actually regain some share of handhelp market.

and One thing i could never ever understand for a handheld like psp which sold over 60MILLION systems how can people look at that as unsuccessful. 60Million i know it was suppose to be better than DS and outsell it but 60 million is a huge number.



I will most likely get PSP VITA day one

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dangert122719d ago

According to LG's History it never started LG need to shut up do i want to play Gimped Ipad games etc noooo
I want console like games on my travels and while im in bed under the blanket cause i like the dark =')

Nitrowolf22718d ago

"I want console like games on my travels and while im in bed under the blanket cause i like the dark =')"

I Thought i was the only one

Shok2719d ago

Lol, say that to Nintendo's sales.

And Sony's for that matter. (Japan!)

THC CELL2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

LG are still on my boycott list, and this is coming from a company that has a grudge against sony, sorry to fill ur boat with piss look but vita will be the higest selling gadget this n next year. my works pre orders alone are sky high.more pre orders than ds3d had

jujubee882719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Expect a level of disruption on the current smartphone hardware and distribution market when e-shop, PS Store start building their library and 3DS and PS Vita make hardware revisions, promotions, and other hardware strategic decisions.

In the entire history of dedicated handheld gaming, never has revenue the likes of +77 million units for PSP or +144 million units for DS ever happened.

In between the time of the PSP and DS, the only hardware to really disrupt dedicated portables has been the iPad and a slightly larger device which is still a touch only control implementation for interacting with games is not really a sensible disruption for mobile gaming in the long run. Especially now that more and more tablets are being launched and diluting the tab market.

Also, Angry Birds is pretty much going to be on / is already on dedicated handhelds (3DS, PSP and, PS Vita). Do not be fooled by LG (or other smartphone hardware companies) into thinking it is some exclusive.

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