Sony PSN Future in Hands of Hackers Not Security Upgrades

Exerpt:: "As a former programmer, former political/business consultant and customer of PSN, I am drawn to this story. This reopening will be one of the most important points in the history of Sony.

While Sony will claim that it is in control of its own future, the future is actually in the hands of hackers."

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Bonobo123452691d ago


Seems this guy knows nothing of the hacking community if he regards Lulzsec and Anon as the best out there..

does he think it was these guys that Hacked PSN in the first place?

qwertyz2691d ago

bullsh*t. teh cell will prevail

montyburns0002691d ago

im going to laugh when sony used a completely different CPU for PS4 locking out BC once again.

qwertyz2691d ago

I was joking. sony'll probably use a power7 for ps4. its capable of emulating the ps3 cell and is much easier to code for. the ps4 will have a multicore cpu with a beastly gpu so game will have an easy time tapping the machines power. that's the approach sony took with ps vita by the way

TBM2691d ago

Can someone please tell me how you can be a former customer of a FREE SERVICE there's nothing to cancel.

StanSmith2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Firstly, PSN isn't a free service. You have to purchase a PS3, PSP or Vita to access the service. It is significantly cheaper than Xbox Live but it is not free at all.

Secondly, you are a customer because you purchased the hardware which has access to said service and you also will have no access to the store which means no more DLC etc.

That's exactly my point. You don't have access to the service unless you buy something. Therefore how can it be a free service?

TBM2691d ago

I would expect someone to purchase said systems if they wanted to use PSN so the service is free since there's no monthly/yearly subscription to use it, other than PS+

travelguy2k2691d ago

you can join the PSN from a PC, and never buy a PS3 or a PSP. Wont be much use to you but you could.

nolifeking2691d ago

Psn is free genius. I could probably go make an account on their(sony) website for my cousin, who doesn't have a ps3.

StanSmith2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I can go make an xbox live account on a PC. Doesn't make it free though. I'd have to buy an Xbox to get the basic service plus pay a monthly subscription to get the full one.

Also just because you can create the account means nothing. You still can't access the service until you buy the Hardware that Sony stipulate therefore it is not free.

My logic isn't stupid. I never once said that PSN is like Xbox live in terms of cost. So instead of of trying to re-word my statement, try re-reading it again.

PSN costs money to access as you have to buy Hardware that Sony stipulate to access it. Yes, once said hardware is purchased, there are no additional costs but that does not make it free. Xbox live is exactly the same for the Silver Membership. However, you have to pay a subscription to access the same features that are available on PSN.

Therefore PSN is cheaper and better value for money, but it is not free.

nolifeking2691d ago

Access and pricing are different. Buying a tv doesnt somehow make fox, abc, cbs ect paid channels like hbo and showtime. Your logic is stupid.

MysticStrummer2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

That's really shaky logic, Mario. Not everyone has an internet connection, but they can still use their PS3 to watch movies and play games. Some early adopters just bought one to play Bluray movies. PSN is just another feature that can be used for free. If PSN was required for all games, or all PS3 use in general, you MIGHT have a point, but it's not and you don't.

nolifeking2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Yes your logic is Mario. What good is a free pair of shoes without feet? The service, in and of itself is free, of course your gonna need the hardware it runs on. What your basically trying to tell me is, this very site is not free because I bought a laptop to access it. That open bar I barley remember, not really so open, seeing as how I got a taxi to go.

Cheaper and more value for the money? How? I never spent a cent getting psn, my ps3, coompletly different story.

StanSmith2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )


My point still stands and you proved that too. Why isn't PSN seen as a feature of the PS3 just as Blu-ray movies and playing games are?

Blu ray movies, high quality games, PSN access etc are all features of the console. They come in the price tag that you pay when you purchase a PS3, Vita or PSP. There is no shakey logic involved. It's a fact.

The only reason it's touted as free is for the pissing matches that happen daily on here between Xbox and PS3 fans.


No this site isn't free as you have to pay for the hardware and access through your ISP.

BubbleSniper2691d ago

so does that mean you pay triple for playing games on xbox live? you know.... ISP, THE CONSOLE (/eyeroll) and the sub?

nycredude2690d ago Show
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