Analysis: When Morality Doesn't Matter

Gamasutra: In this analysis, Gamasutra contributor Andrew Vanden Bossche looks at games like Mass Effect and Don't Take It Personally Babe to argue, "Making morality matter means making it matter to players."

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jsslifelike2691d ago

Great article. I constantly felt compelled to reload LA Noire over and over and over again. I'm pretty sure that's one of the reasons that drove me to dislike it as much as I did. Funny thing is, the morality DID matter... or did I just want to nail every interview? I think for it to have a greater impact, the effects of said system need to be seen less instantly and more often further down the road. That way, a reload is meaningless because the player should have been towing the line for much longer than just the previous 5 minutes prior to making the decision. Otherwise, it just becomes another system to be gamed and min/maxed.

theonlylolking2691d ago

Mass Effect series and fallout 3 are RPGs that I care about who dies. Although I make a second save file of each so I can go crazy and do whatever I want.

"players can tell the difference between fantasy and reality"

Exactly, which is why people who say video games cause violence because it's so real must not be able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality.