Essential Gaming: Top 5 July Releases

VGW: The summer games drought has begun, albeit somewhat deceptively. July doesn’t hold the dense release schedule of blockbuster releases we clamored for in May and June, but the offerings on the table are from skippable. This is the time for Summer of Arcade’s best and brightest; the time for quirky love RPGs; the time for underdog beat-em-ups, god games and ambitious platformers.

Here, then, are VGW’s picks for the essential games of July 2011.

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The Great Melon2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

I have been waiting months for Catherine and El Shaddai. I hope both of those games do well in retail. We need more of these unique games that show there is still plenty of creativity out there. The fps multi-player juggernauts are an anathema to the medium. Gamers who might have bought other titles now just invest their lives to one game that has the most advertising, but I digress. All the games here look to be quite fun.

Gordo7892721d ago

Catherine is the one game I'm buying this month.