IGN - Crysis 2 DX9 vs. DX11

IGN - Have you downloaded Crytek's DX 11 patch yet? Scared your PC can't handle it? We take a look at the changes made.

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firemassacre2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

i can run it maxed no prob, along with metro 2033 and probably battlefield 3 at the same time

pizzavideogames2716d ago

Well aren't you Mr. Fancy Pants

Brawler2716d ago

So sad cause I have an ATI Card :(

hiredhelp2716d ago

Chin up dude keep checking ati site for updates.

2716d ago
tepkisiz2716d ago

ATI usually has better price/performance, but NVIDIA has a big advantage in tesselation. On the other hand, the difference is getting smaller with the 6xxx series' architecture.

firemassacre2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

no, just 1 its my baby

ilikegam3s2716d ago

^ hey thats the same case as mine :D >< soo small :D

I need to upgrade gfx card -.-

SantistaUSA2716d ago

@firemassacre Nice looking PC setup. What's your specs bud?

turgore2716d ago

massive frame rate killer

Js2Kings2716d ago

That's tessellation for you. Such a small but complex thing, especially for something barely noticed yet hogs a lot of your CPU/GPU.

Tachyon_Nova2716d ago

Barely noticed? You kidding me?

Js2Kings2716d ago

When I say that I mean like on the bricks. Unless you're focusing the wall and not what's in front of you, yes is pretty easy to notice, but during a fight you're not going to care. It's nice but the amount of focus on it is not equal to what it does to your GPU and CPU.

PS360PCROCKS2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

maybe if you run AMD or a 400 series Nvidia GPU. I have a 560Ti in SLI and my average FPS went down like 10fps with the DX11 and high res textures. I'm just shy of getting a locked 60FPS with Vsync, vsync isn't working correctly though.

edit: yes santista! that's what's happening now with vsync for me. It locks at 24 for some weird reason, I will try that, thanks!

btw nice PC

I have:

2500K @ 4.2
8gb 1600 DDR3 corsair vengeance

SantistaUSA2716d ago

If you need the exact steps let me know. it drove me crazy, but thank God got it figured out.

And thanks, I build it, it's my baby lol. I'm thinking about upgrading the memory to 12gb. How do you like the vengeance series?

PS360PCROCKS2716d ago

ok cool thanks. Lol yeah I built mine too, it's also my baby. It's a proud day when i look at it haha, it's a beauty. Love the ram, insanely fast and looks awesome too.

SantistaUSA2716d ago

I have a fairly powerful PC, but I had frame rate problems when playing in 1080p, the game for some reason would change the refresh rate on my LCD to 24hz! Only Crysis games do that apparently, so I found a work around, i made a custom resolution on my nvidia control panel 1916x1080 and I was able to get it to work properly! Just a beautiful game!

i7 960 @ 3.2
6gb DDR3 corsair 1600
evga GTX 570
Crucial 64gb ssd
intel 320 series 120gb ssd
Claro sound card
z5500 speaker
Samsung 55' LEDTV

RacingLightning012716d ago

Such a great looking game...
Too bad the AI still runs in to walls.

KingPin2716d ago

hmmm, ok guys, help me.

which graphics card will run this game, battlefield 3 on high graphics. i know it also depends on pc speed n ram. but im looking for a budget card. any suggestions?

Not fussy over ATI/AMD or Nvidia card.

oh and it should also be able to run dual displays. as in have one wallpaper on one monitor and a different one on the other. i need that for FL Studio.

GREGOREUO2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

The nvidia 560ti is a great card not the most expensive but gives great performance.

Thrillhouse2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

The first post of this thread should have all of the info you need:

Nvidia needs two cards to run multiple screens, whereas you only need one AMD card.

KingPin2716d ago

thanks for the info guys (gegoreuo, thrillhouse, grumpyveteran) will definitely check it out when i have time. :)

GrumpyVeteran2716d ago

Well... If you would've asked me last year I would've said go ATI and go with a 6870, but now I would say that perhaps the Nvidia GTX 560 (ti, maybe), would be the way to go.

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