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Child of Eden Review – Deflower her [Lazygamer.net]

Child of Eden is the spiritual successor to Res but has really gotten the main gaming attention thanks to Ubisoft using it as the opening to their E3 2010 conference and demonstrating it’s Kinect integration.

So is Child of Eden a Kinect masterpiece or yet another sad cash in on the hype? (Child of Eden, Kinect, Xbox 360) 8.5/10

mendicant  +   1485d ago
That title is disgusting. "Deflower her?"
Heishiro__Mitsurugi  +   1485d ago
Tastless title. There is a line..and videogame journalism... Is just becoming worse and worse..
Strife Lives  +   1485d ago
when I think Ive seen it all...
I get reminded how many sick people there are in this world. So..the author wrote 'CHILD of eden review- DEFLOWER HER' ...that is disgusting! Mods, deal with this please. I cant believe the filth people write for hits...
Heishiro__Mitsurugi  +   1485d ago
Im new here, I dont know how things work. Do the mods ask for it to be changed? Or do they get a warning? Can anyone report it? My 11 yr old sister visits this site, its disgusting she has to see that !! :(
StarWolf  +   1485d ago
fricking crybabies
Nicolee  +   1485d ago
not only this site really, if your kids using internet, noway that they won't see anything like this.

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