The Next-Gen Is Coming

VelocityGamer writes: There's no doubt the internal rumblings that keep coming to surface suggest to me something is going to, or is happening, concerning the next-gen, maybe sooner than we think.

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hiredhelp2718d ago

Enough of next gen already.

Sinterfire2718d ago

It's big news if ture. I for one can't wait to play native 1080P games (on consoles) Bring it, I'm ready for it.

zinkabassy2718d ago Show
AAACE52718d ago

Nintendo said in January, they have no need to release a Wii successor! In june, they announced a Wii successor!

MS and Sony have both denied next gen consoles in the works... who wants to bet they get announced in the first quarter of 2012?

Kinect is showing me that the 360 is shifting towards being a second console. Similar to having a Ps2 around the house somewhere!

While Ps3 does have some extra power to stick it out another year or two... Don't think for one second that Sony will make the mistake of being the last to launch again!

I am content with my 360 and Ps3... but if new consoles were announced.... F*ck both of them, i'm all in!

KingDustero2718d ago

I myself don't care what resolution games are in next-gen. They'll look better no matter what. I'm pretty sure that BOTH the PS4 and 360 successor are almost finalized spec wise now. They'll probably both be announced at E3 next year.

What I find funny though is that a lot of third parties are the one's complaining about limitations of the current gen consoles. NON of them have even maxed out the PS3 yet. ONLY Sony's first party studios like Santa Monica Studio, Guerrilla Games, Naughty Dog, etc, have come close and NONE of them are complaining.

I'm pretty sure that ALL of these studios are working on PS4 development in one way or anther. That would explain why SMS and GG are silent about their games. The other day ND said that any Uncharted after Uncharted 3 would be running on a new engine. Why would they need a new engine when theirs is maxing out the console alredy? That's right it is because it is NOT for the current gen console.

The next-gen IS coming SOONER than later. The PS3 and 360 have been out for 5-6 years now respectively. It is time for them to take a rest and let someone else to take their place.

The ONLY ones really complaining about the next-gen consoles are the ones who have recently gotten one or more of the current gen consoles. You guys are later adopters and will ALWAYS be late adopters. Those of us who have had the current consoles since launch or soon after are ready for the next-gen and open it with open arms.

raztad2718d ago

I find all this talk about the "almost here" next gen a little silly actually.

Do you guys really think Sony is ready to drop the PS3 as their main platform and jump next gen when the PS3 is still at a $300 price point? do people really think the market is ready for another $500+ console with all the power you are expecting it to have, in order to run games with advanced shaders and geometry at 1080p and 60fps? I dont think so.

I totally dont think Sony is ready to absorb another loss on their hardware division, introducing a new home console, when the PS3 is still capable of running games with innovative gameplay and good physics. What is next gen meant to deliver anyway besides 1080p and (supposedly) 60fps?

MaxXAttaxX2718d ago

If PC is the defining factor for what next gen is, then we're definitely not there yet.

We're not seeing PS2 to PS3-type graphical leaps yet.

trancefreak2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Here is the thing that makes me ponder.

When new consoles arrive they will be powerhouses most likely running nice visuals @ 1080p.

Like all gens the software gets better overtime with fine tuning game engines and such.

What happens later in the cycle when the PC ports really start to move away again.
Do we revert back to 720p output to keep those graphics in check? Or do MS/Sony force game designers to keep those resolutions.

That will be interesting I believe. Maybe both console will just upscale regardless of the actual real output.

I would love to see dual output for real this time to play on to monitors or TVs with a buddy If I wanted as a option. Doubt it will happen but would be nice if it was there.

I still would rather have these consoles in about 2 more years. I think it will go down in 2013/2014.
I just hope that the games don't jump up to 70 bucks a pop -the tax.

BattleAxe2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I'll stick with my PS3 for at least 2-3 years after they release the PS4. Devs will still make games for PS3 and probably support it for a longer period of time with top game franchises as opposed to the drop off of major franchise support that happened with the PS2 after PS3 was released. Personally I don't think the next generation of consoles will sell as fast as this generation did. Also, because of Digital distributors like Steam, PC gaming is coming back in a huge way. Personally I think the PSV is Sony's new focus rather than releasing another full blown console a year or so from now.

Sub4Dis2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

it used to be that you can't swear on N4G, now you can and they just take your bubbles for doing it. it's childish entrapment. grow up n4g.

also, i want next gen consoles.

socomnick2717d ago

Zink want a bigger leap in graphics.

Build a gaming pc.

I bet any money a gaming pc 2 years ago will be better then next gen consoles.

All of the next gen consoles willt ake the safe route and go profit day 1.Low power machines with old hardware.

silvacrest2717d ago

until PC's get quality exclusives and not just 2 or 3 a year and not counting MMO's, none of what you said will matter

MOTY2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

@ DarkFantasy

"until PC's get quality exclusives and not just 2 or 3 a year"

You mean like Socom 4 and how that is a "quality" exclusive?

The PC gets a heck of a lot more exclusives a year than the PS3, 360 AND Wii combined. Whether it's "quality" is up to the individual that buys the game.

Do your research and stop acting like an ignorant fanboy. The ONLY area where PC falters is the cost to build the PC in order to have the best of a game and the rapid progression of PC parts.

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silenius2718d ago

I don't want a new gen console... I want freaking new cool game IPs. I believe we have given enough money to M$ and Sony to screw us over with new machines... GIVE US GAMES YOU GREEDY HYPOCRITES!

sinclaircrown2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

There are a BOAT LOAD of great games for both consoles. Its just too difficult to please some people though.

Everything must be AAA!!!!

Also.. Don't release games aimed at casuals! They don't deserve to game!!!

milohighclub2718d ago

@sinclaircrown shut the f$&k up everyone deserves to game.

n to the b2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

@milohighclub: although I disagree with sinclairclown, I'm pretty sure he/she was being sarcastic - and it was pretty obvious...

also, your flamebait, h8er username belies your 'everyone deserves to b gamerzzz!!' comment.

DarkFantasy2717d ago

I Agree silenius not enough new ip's and too many sequels,not i like sequels but were are the new games!!!

hiredhelp2717d ago


Stronghold 3
Ghost recon online
Star wars old republic online
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad
Diablo 3
Dota 2
Natural Selection 2

Infact just look at link inc games alreay out

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sinclaircrown2718d ago

I gotta agree with Sinterfire. Its not that I'm over these consoles. Rather, I love seeing what else can be done in the gaming industry.

Right now people are saying "PS3 still has so many good games coming out". Yeah, that's true, but I think as far as quality goes, its likely these consoles are about "maxed out". We got some awesome games, and I'm sure more will come in the next year or so, but the new consoles must be on the way.

Even if WiiU isn't much of a leap from PS3 in power, fact is it will still be the most powerful console out there, and Sony and MS can't allow that to happen for too long. Before you know some amazing games will come out for WiiU if done correctly.

PS4 and 720 need to happen within 18 months of WiiU launch. Well, not "need" but I think it would be the smartest idea.

the_best_player2718d ago

Too many PS3 games coming still.

sinclaircrown2718d ago

they'll still work when the PS4 comes out...

Pl4sm42717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

so bluray isnt 1080p native ? ... does the ps3 changes its HD from games to movies ?

subtenko2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Same story, different article. Im gonna go create my own article now, theres already hundreds of them.

*goes to write article about next-gen*

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Jumper092718d ago

hopefully. we need new consoles

Ocelot5252718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

the gap between the PS3 and PC is much lower than the gap between the PS2 and the PC back in the time.

The ps3 and 360 are today still more powerfull than many laptops.

Take max payne 2 for example , the difference between the PC and ps2 version was huge. Most pc games weren't even released on the PS2 because of the weak hardware. This isn't the case with the current gen.Today the difference between console and pc games is much smaller.

hudsoniscool2718d ago

the differance is increasing, by 2012/2013 it will be pritty big.

MWH2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

are you for real? do remember that because most games are multiplat the game usually carries the "genes" of the least powerful console or should i say the most convinient to program for regardless to what that may be.

today's PC power has surpassed consoles significantly but it's being hindered by the just mentioned fact.

for all the good reasons, i vote Yes to new consoles. play your cards better this time MS, Sony and Nintendo.

ViserysTargaryen2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

LOL the PS3 is more powerful than what laptops? I don't see any laptops out there with 512 MB of RAM. Hell, there are droids cell phones that can out muscle the consoles in that department.

bioflex2718d ago

i am pretty certain you don't know what you are talking about. a 3.0ghz Core 2 Duo pc, 2gig ram, and a 4850/9800 is an overkill to match any console game ( including Uncharted 1,2,3 and GOW3)

i mean tell me any console game that looks better than Crysis 1 on pc. Not even the ps3's fanboys' Uncharted and God of War 3.

Ocelot5252718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

"i am pretty certain you don't know what you are talking about. a 3.0ghz Core 2 Duo pc, 2gig ram, and a 4850/9800 is an overkill to match any console game"

true , but there are still people with budget pc's

the 360 and ps3 are much better than these systems:

Mobile Intel 4 Series Express 1.31% -0.37%
NVIDIA GeForce 8400 0.63% -0.05%
NVIDIA GeForce 9400 1.01% -0.30%
NVIDIA GeForce 8600M 1.06% -0.23%
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 1.14% -0.44%
NVIDIA GeForce 7600 0.51% -0.11%
(NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 1.20% +0.12%)--> might be a draw

(I exclude ati GPU's because I'm not experienced with these cards)


I got to admit tough that this last has become small.Last year it was three times as big.

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firemassacre2718d ago

i cant wait to see what the ps4 will look like.

sickbird2718d ago

IM READY, even though its totally unnecessary..

Rampaged Death2718d ago

I really hope it's 2013. Next year would be early for me. Both consoles still have another year or so in them.

sickbird2718d ago

sony would really be shooting themselves in the foot, their finally doing well and to put out a new console would be a disaster.

Hockeydud192718d ago

not entirely. They have the fan base now, they have the exclusives etc. It's not like everyone has to switch over right away. I'm probably not going to switch my console for atleast half a year just considering the possible failure rates of the consoles.

Rampaged Death2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

They won't be doing it next year but Microsoft could be. Sony have Vita to concentrate on.

Edit: Actually I just remembered they have Halo 4 coming next year so I doubt MS would launch in 2012. Maybe they reveal 2012 then 2013 launch

Hockeydud192718d ago

I don't think it could be any earlier than 2013. Mainly since all the big hit titles that are coming out for the consoles early in the year. That's the one thing i've actually noticed. MOST of the big hit titles of next year are coming out in the spring so who knows what'll be next.

trancefreak2717d ago

I wonder how Xbox live and PSN will transition.

Example do some games like a cod that is released on xbox360 and next gen Xbox play online together.

Or would it cause confusion and lack of incentive to move up to the latest and greatest.

I wish I had a micro fly on the wall of Microsoft and Sony headquarters LOL.