No Ghillie Suits And More Tools Than Ever For Snipers In Battlefield 3

There will be no ghillie suits on the snipers in Battlefield 3, and now the recon class will have more tools than ever.

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SpaceSquirrel2720d ago

I hope they don't make the snipers too powerful.

Tachyon_Nova2720d ago

I hope they don't make them too weak. Sniping has always been an important part of Battlefield gameplay, and it must stay that way. The problem is that people abuse its effectiveness and just use it to rack up kills without helping their team out.

But the way to overcome this must be to make playing as a team more rewarding, because if you criple the sniper rifle's power then your just removing it completely from the game, and there are many ways to use the sniper class which greatly helps out your team.

deadpoole2720d ago

BRING IT ONNNNNNNNN !!!!! .... Release the game already DICE. Commmmonnnnnnnn .... :p

red2tango2720d ago

I hope they don't make them too weak. Sniping is fine in BFBC2. You guys are complaining way too much. Of course it sucks to get killed with a sniper, but that's what a long range rifle does. It's not like it's a 1 shot. It's only 1 shot kill if you get a headshot or have Magnum bullets and get a shot off above the waist.

StarWolf2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

well i for one will NOT help my retarded team. I bought the game NEW (apparently not like many here) so i will enjoy it how i please. I will snipe you, snipe you some more, and maybe some more. All while you're defending your base in RUSH.

The suit is stupid anyways, im not a full camper . I walk around with the sniper and kill while standing. Hopefully you dont need to crouch for better accuracy because that only encourages camping.

socomnick2720d ago

snipers have never been an important part of Bf games.

They are pretty non existant in bf2 and 1942.

It wasnt until bc2 that almost everyone uses them.

Pixel_Pusher2720d ago

"The problem is that people abuse its effectiveness"

Which makes for his case that it is overpowered. If they tone down the class just a bit forcing them to move into a closer proximity wouldn't that balance out the issues?

BeOneWithTheGun2720d ago

I think a good idea would be to allow your team to "vote" in-game on snipers. If you are doing a team based thing and the guy is helping you out with cover fire, great. IF he's just running around being a douche as you lose then hit "start" and vote. If he gets "xx" votes then when he dies the class will not be open to him for the rest of the match.

Or, even better, go the Rainbow 6 route and have a kick feature. God, I loved being a host in Vegas and being able to boot people who were acting like retards.

rezzah2720d ago

Even so they should put a limit on the amount of snipers in a team.

Because you might just end up fighting an army of snipers.

ZombieNinjaPanda2720d ago

As much as I hate an army of snipers on the other team and or my team, Dice can't just make some asshole decision that would screw people out of playing what class THEY want to play.

They did PAY for the game, therefore they have the right to play it how they please.

superrey192720d ago

I don't really have a problem dealing with snipers but they do get annoying when they are on my team and are not working towards the objective. That said, maybe taking a page out of team fortress 2 and limiting the amount players that can be a certain class at any given time (in this case the recon class) is a possible solution?

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egidem2720d ago ghillie suits for recons?? That's kind of sad. :(

I always found it funny/a bit hilarious the way snipers look when they are running. They are somehow like fat little guys having a hard time dashing.

The same goes for certain other classes. For example, the Russian medic and his red hat, NEVER SMILES! Even if he's winning. The US medic on the other hand looks like he's having a good time. His facial expression just shows that he doesn't give a crap. "There you go here's your first aid kit!" at the same time lighting up enemies with a machine gun without a care in the world!

Liquid_Ocelot2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

They better not make they damn class like that 'other' game where you only get to snipe down the halls and stupid houses, etc.

Sniper rifles are made for extreme long range.. why is it that people always talk bad about snipers? I realize that there are MANY players out there that DO NOT help the team move forward.
At least, when I play as a sniper I LOVE to call out the enemies. I'm not in it for the kills/points, I'm in it because I'm [fairly] good at it* and it works when I protect the 'package'.

I love to play as a spotter, and keep my teammates aware of their surroundings as well as facilitating the enemy's position to a fellow sniper.

I've always said that I rather finish a round with ZERO kills knowing that I helped my team achieve our victory, than getting 'x' amount of kills and points/xp and losing the battle. That's just my opinion.

*I don't mean to tout my own horn(?) Excuse my english

callmedom942720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Curious what new tools there will be for the snipers and the recon class. Can't think of anything they can add at the moment.

Ducky2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

One of the new abilities Recons will have is the ability to unroot small plants/bushes and hold them while moving. This allows the Recon to move around stealthily (a make-shift ghilly suit) but limits their weapon choices to one-handed guns (handguns)

... Damn it, I started this post out as a joke, but now I really wish it was in the game. =(

Ascalon942720d ago

haha you asshole i thought it was forreal

Liquid_Ocelot2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )


Wowww xD

bwazy2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )



firemassacre2720d ago

loved it when i sniped in battlefield bad company 2 with my GOL 12x scope, cant wait for this.

Liquid_Ocelot2719d ago

That's my setup right there xD

Swiggins2720d ago

No Ghillie's say it aint so D=

Oh Well, that'll make em much easier to spot and kill >=D

darksied2720d ago

That might be the point, since you can go prone in BF3. I think it might just be too much to have camouflage and prone at the same time.

Cereal2720d ago

Yeah. On top of that they also shoot bullets at you so lets go ahead and take away their ammo. Actually, lets get rid of the scope on all of the snipers too.

DeadlyFire2720d ago

I believe the amount of trees, shadows, prone, windows, and other points in BF3 will be more than enough to require any type of ghillie suit. I am certain DICE would do this unless there was some certainty.

Liquid_Ocelot2719d ago



Ps: shh don't give them any ideas :( :P

ShoryukenII2720d ago

They could make it more accurate if you shoot while standing. That is unrealistic but it sounds balanced to me (on paper).

Swiggins2720d ago

You do get an advantage while standing, mobility.

Sometimes especially on consoles moving the actual gun can cause you to to overshoot where you need to be pointing at, so instead you just move your body slightly keeping the crosshairs in the same spot allowing you to more perfectly line up a shot.

If you're prone, you can't do that as fast, feasibly you could turn down your sensitivity for more control, but that also leaves you more vulnerable if you're just running around or using a different weapon.

Plus, if my understanding is correct, in BF3, you can't just go from prone to a full sprint like you can in cod, your character actually has to get up first and then build up speed to a sprint, so if you get shot from long range and it doesn't kill you, you'll likely be shot again before you can break into a sprint to escape. At least that makes sense to me.

Overall, it's not a decision I'm thrilled about, but it seems like it'll make sense in the long run. Besides, BF3 is centered on Urban Warfare, so a Ghillie wouldn't do you much good anyway.

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