Game Guys review: Nyko PowerPak+

Jim Avery writes:
"When the Nintendo 3DS specs were first announced, one thing that a number of people latched onto was the battery. With about four hours of proposed battery life, gamers were a little bit upset as this wasn't nearly as long as they had hoped. Nyko is hoping to offer users a solution with their PowerPak+, which replaces the existing 3DS battery and extends the battery life. Nyko claims that you can get twice the playtime with their solution; how does it measure up?"

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BakedGoods2665d ago

I just got one of these. Damn solid. 3DS lasts for two days of decent gaming/sleep mode.

TheSoundDefense2665d ago

What percent of that is sleep mode? Is that with not turning the unit off at all?

BakedGoods2665d ago

I would say, gaming time about 5-6 hours total (two 3 hour blocks) with it being in sleep mode for the rest of the time. So maybe 6 hours playtime with 24 hours of sleep? This was with full 3D and wifi turned off.