In 5 Minutes Podcast: Next Gen Engines Look Beautifully Fake

GB writes: "It’s In 5 Minutes, and in this edition of the podcast we take a little look at the next generation of gaming, as Take-Two refuse to port games to the Wii U, Crysis 2 finally has DX11 support and the guys at Epic Games have shown us a gorgeously beautiful, but unashamedly fake looking screenshot of the new Unreal Engine."

Here’s the full run down of what to expect in the next 5 minutes.

Crysis 2 Gets a Map Editor plus Direct X 11 support finally arrives!
Unreal Engine 3 Screenshot looks absolutely beautiful, but is it real?
Good News! If you still own an original PSP – Sony have launched “Dual Packs” containing all the games you already own, and all the ones you don’t want to buy.
Sony’s CEO gets a paycut after being asked to step-down.
Peter Molyneux loses his mind, and asks for you to blame him for Fable 3′s “poor” Metacritic reviews… since when is an 80 score a bad one?
Take-Two announce they will not be porting their games to the Wii U – But we know that’s a lie, remember GTA and LA Noire, “It’s a console exclusive, it’ll never be on the PC.”

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VampiricDragon2721d ago

they look beautifully generic.

Inside_out2721d ago

Epic will be there with Unreal 4... will Crytek...

I hope the rumors are true and it's announced starting next year.

Pintheshadows2721d ago

Announced next year and starting in 2013. It all reminds me of an arms race.

qwertyz2720d ago

new consoles(next xbox and ps4) will be announced at e3 2012 and will be out by late 2013 ms and sony dont have to put out new consoles in 2012 because the wii u is said to be just as powerful as current gen consoles so why would they rush besides Samaritan tech demo graphics won't be possible on a single gpu in 2012 by 2013 single gpus will be able to surpass it