Do cheap games hurt the industry?

Cheap games are bad for everyone. Settle down, put your pitchforks away and hear me out.

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firemassacre2689d ago

some people have jobs and need cheap games once in a while

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gamingdroid2688d ago

It is ridiculous to complain about what publishers/developers want, and need. As consumers, you should let the "free" market work it's magic and weed out all the sh!t.

Every noticed the quality games still retain their value pretty well? Make a quality product that people want, and it will sell. Want lots of upfront sale, make a game people can't wait to get their hands on!

thugbob2689d ago

This is a stupid article. The author complains about not wanting to buy the newly released games this fall due to him buying all the bargain games that he didn't buy when the games actually came out. If he had bought those bargain games on their release dates he wouldn't be talking about how bargain games ruin the industry.

I really don't see how cheap games are ruining the industry. If you buy games on the release date then you wouldn't be buying games when they are cheap therefore you don't have 10 unfinished games while there is going be huge line up of quality games this fall.

Pintheshadows2688d ago

I getting my pitchfork again. I am not amused.

Pozzle2688d ago

Wait...the author asks if cheap games are bad for the industry, but then spends the majority of the article complaining that the reason he hates cheap games is because he buys too many and completing them all is a "nightmare"? WTF then stop buying so many games if it's that much of a problem!

Also, most products lose value the longer they are on the shelves. This doesn't only apply to games. Learn2business.

Quagmire2688d ago

well hell, its not like expensive games are gonna be any good for the customer now is it?

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The story is too old to be commented.