Can Square-Enix Do Anything to Recapture The Magic?

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: Growing up, if anyone were to ask the miniature, prepubescent version of myself to name my favorite game, I would proudly proclaim, “Final Fantasy III!” There was no doubt, in my young mind, that this was the very best game ever made. It was certainly better than Duke Nukem 3D and probably better than Shadowrun (SNES), a few of my friends’ favorite games.

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agentxk2719d ago

I miss the epic RPG. The last one I played was Lost Odyssey

blitz0x2719d ago

Agreed - with these newer rpg games, I feel like gameplay was sacrificed for graphics.

Warprincess1162719d ago

lol wow so what was amazing with lost odyssey battle system. I played the game and it was really average. The only good thing about it was the battle theme. The only reason people hate FF13 was because it was linear. To be honest the straight-forward path in FF13 made sense. You're being hunted by people so why would you casually be walking around a town. It doesn't make sense. Seriously FF13 was a good game. You Square fanboys need to stop comparing square newer titles to the past titles. Just let it go.

agentxk2719d ago

I didn't hate FFXIII but I felt that it was a huge departure from what SE's fan base had come to love. People are always chasing you in every FF, towns, shops and backtracking always helped give a sense of exploration. XIII lacked that sadly.

Peaceful_Jelly2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

you were being chased by Shinra on FFVII but you still had space to do other stuff. But the way FFXIII was constructed was like, you need to go this way because there's no other way. The game was LITERALLY a one way corridor where you fought battle after battle with no chance of doing anything else. Seriously, I don't even know what else to say about the game because that was all you did in it! You ran forward and fought battles. Then you finally get to Pulse but there's nothing in there. Absolutely nothing. The space was wider but the only thing you could do was fight more enemies!!!

Pulse was a huge chance to add explorable towns, side-quests and to present us a little of the back story that was all hidden in the data logs. Square only had to tweak the story a bit and that was it... Instead we got the perfect game for people with short attention span, casuals, etc. And let's not forget about the lazy ass level design.

*compare this

Amazing level design:

ultra-Lazy level design:

NukaCola2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

SE needs to stop making RPGs that cater to western marketing statistics for one. Two, they have put the majority of their console content on the 360 (Even publishing COD in Japan. Almost like selling their soles) exclusively which isn't the JRPG demographic so the games sell less than average and year late ports fall by the waste side. And why we are on it, Kingdom Hearts III will drastically restore some faith in SE.

Also many of the creative minds are off doing separate MYSTWALKER. There was a holy thing when the original masters at Square were all together. How could any team ever recreate the magic of KH or Parasite Eve or Chrono Trigger again? It's as if at one time all the pieces of the universe fell into place and Square just breathed creativity. I think the want so bad to make the next defining title, but fall short still. Hearts are in the right place but SE's head is not on right.

pixelsword2719d ago

"Can Square-Enix Do Anything to Recapture The Magic?"



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firemassacre2719d ago

one day...hopefully dammit

Kur02719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Lost Odyssey was just a re-skinned FFX. I never understood the hype about it when Vesperia was easily the better game. The last epic JRPG I played was on PS2.

newleaf2719d ago

Translation: it was not exclusive to my console so i didn't like it...?

tplarkin72719d ago

Lost Odyssey is the best JRPG this gen. I've played and beat many RPGs, including FFXIII. None of them are better than Lost Odyssey (or even Blue Dragon).

Kur02719d ago

Valkyria Chronicles, Tales of Vesperia/Graces, and Xenoblade are all better than Odyssey. Heck, even Disgaea 4 is too.

BubbleSniper2719d ago

how dare they put a picture of Xenogears next to the square enix name!

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maskren2719d ago

Never played an FF title. Probably never will. I grew up when all the hype about Squenix was dying down. I agree with the article--an innovative revisit to the past might be enough to get lazy asses like me back into the culture.

agentxk2719d ago

Uh, wow. You at very least need to play the 16-bit era games!

silencedwriter2719d ago

SMH. Go play one through 10 now.

maskren2719d ago

I don't have the time!

maskren2719d ago

I ain't got the money to spend on older titles. They cost valuable Microsoft or Wii points. Apart from that, I'm overworked for my pay grade. It doesn't leave much time for nostalgic game playing. :P

Hicken2719d ago

The only thing SE can do is start making games like the old FFs. Eventually, fans will complain that they're the same thing as before, and then they'll at least appreciate what SE was trying to do with XIII.

maskren2719d ago

Gamer perception isn't that backwards compatible. It's inexorably cut off when a new generation isn't provided with the traditional access of an old title. How will they claim that they're making the same thing as before when they have no idea what the old titles were like in the first place?

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