Update: "SUPER" Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to be announced soon?

Rumors suggest that it'll be announced at this year's San Diego Comic Con. We'll see...

This story is in fact both an updated and revised version of this one:

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Abash2722d ago

I wish you guys could see how shocked I am right now. Capcom really caught me off guard this time, never in a million years did I think they'd do this!

Oh yeah, SAR.****ing.CASM.

dp2774072722d ago

I know, I never knew this was going to come out.

WombBat2720d ago

This is precisely why i didnt but marvel vs capcom 3, i knew theyd release 5 more versions after the first.

Playbox2722d ago

Lol, I find this article funny because a friend and i was talking about a super mvc3 lol. If capcom really does this, it;s going to show how money hungry they if they didn't already show it with RE5, SF4, and lost plant....I don't even want to begin on the other titles.

DarkBlood2722d ago

wow good thing i didnt get it right away i guess seeing how this just confirms that they will probably do this with all fighting titles (not sure about the crossover with tekken) i might as well wait

Peaceful_Jelly2722d ago

But I want Cyclops and Psylocke and Gambit! Why the heck Marvel doesn't want Capcom to include them? Why?

Tripl3seis2722d ago

i didnt get the game either so ill just wait wen this comes out if is true tho

Fierce Musashi2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Oh Capcom, you nickle and diming mother !^(&ers. I knew not to buy your first cash-in that was the original MVC3 ever since that incident with the Street Fighter 4s. But this isn't really a new thing for you, is it?

As much as it pains me to say, I will be staying away from your games for quite awhile. Other than Monster Hunter and a few others anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.