Iwata: Nintendo Willing to Invest to Get Third Party Support on Wii U/3DS

It seems Nintendo has learned from previous mistakes and will take a page from Microsoft and Sony to ensure the Wii and Nintendo 3DS will have a robust roster of third-party games and partner with third-party publishers to offer Wii U and 3DS consumers with compelling and strong software.

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lazertroy2719d ago

Willing = Have no choice.

charmer2719d ago

nice.. seems nintendo is trying their best to fix the 3rd party issues thats good to see

mike1up2719d ago

I hate to be "this" guy but... Iwata basically said the same thing when the Wii was launched. Strong 3rd party support was also the Gamecube's weakness.

I honestly think that Nintendo will pull it off this time though. Check and Mate.