Fact or Fiction in Zelda: Sheikah Connections

Exploring several theories proposed by "spaceace76", this investigative article dives into three tribes in ancient Zelda history to see if there's a connection between any of them. Are the Sheikah, the Interlopers, and the tribe that created Majora's Mask related?

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admiralthrawn872713d ago

no comments? sad its a cool speculation article about a game story. if its not ps3 or flamebait related, nobody cares. and they call themselves "hardcore gamers" i think they care more about game business economics than actual games and game fiction

BubbleSniper2713d ago

Link to the past is still the best to me.

Killustrious2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

The discussion on the actual article itself is good. If you're interested in discussing it then talk about it on the site. I found it pretty interesting and read everyones comments on it too. I believe the idea that the Sheikah and Interlopers are connected. The Sheikah were betrayed by the Royal Family and some Sheikah left and formed a new tribe on their own, the Interlopers. The remaining Sheikah who were saddened by the Royal Family's betrayal added a tear to their emblem. The Interlopers and Sheikah have the same eye as their emblem, just the Interlopers lack the tear that the Sheikah have. Given all of these clues, it seems likely that the Sheikah and Interlopers are connected.

While this may not be true, it seems like the most likely explanation to me. And the most interesting as well.