Team Fortress 2 hat sells for $1500

A hat on Team Fortress 2 has been sold for $1500. The hat, which is a Team Captain with a fire effect, was auctioned on SourceOP forums for readers to buy.

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bwazy2353d ago

Valve should just sell teh hats instead of the game Would make a lot more money.


multipayer2353d ago

Exactly, Valve should sale everyone motion controller hats too. So, they can have 1:1 head control.

Damn, I probably should of patent that first...

Klaykid1232353d ago

Well, TF2 is free now. That means the money comes from.. HATS!

BeastlyRig2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

F2p Macro-transaction!

Motorola2353d ago

It surprises me how many times I die to an awesome weapon that wasnt crafted. Valve is making that $$$

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