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Submitted by Gaetano 1680d ago | opinion piece

Why Apple Will Enter, and Dominate, The Console Market

MMGN writes: Apple will eventually create a product that implements iTunes, Apple TV, App Store, and/or probably a Game Store that will act as a home entertainment unit.

There's no way they won't do that. They all share common traits, all function essentially identically, and all have major support (from distributors, game publisher, movie studios, music studios) major backing (support from probably an infinite about of component manufacturers) and major market presence. (Apple, Mobile, Next-Gen)

triverse  +   1680d ago
Good article, other than the one sentence paragraphs, that did bring up a few points affirming Apple could be in a position to do just what you think they will. I was sad to see that article didn't mention the first foray into consoles by Apple, the Pippin, which failed horribly (course, it was YEARS before iTunes and any other 'i' monikers entered the marketplace).
DA_SHREDDER  +   1680d ago
right, its gonna be a tab that has wifi hotspot access, and you can play Onlive on it. Oh wait, it already does all those things. Apple is the ninja of the gaming industry. Too bad they haven't invested in any AAA first party studios.
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bakasora  +   1680d ago
If Apple can bring quality gaming experience like Uncharted, God of War, MGS and etc then bring it. Let me see it.
Lekumkee  +   1680d ago
I think even I have lost the actual definition as to what a console is.

Apple will eventually create a product that implements iTunes, Apple TV, App Store, and/or probably a Game Store that will act as a home entertainment unit.

There's no way they won't do that. They all share common traits, all function essentially identically, and all have major support (from distributors, game publisher, movie studios, music studios) major backing (support from probably an infinite about of component manufacturers) and major market presence.

Restricting the games available on Mac Platforms exclusively to the computer, iPhone, iPod and iPad is fantastic, but it's leaving one thing out: the home living room, and it's really the only place that has one dedicated service for it (Apple TV).

I really don't know when -- it could be now, it could be in 6 months, or maybe 6 years -- but Apple will eventually go down that track. It would be completely un Apple-like if they did pass up the opportunity.

Why wouldn't they enter that market? Because console gamers believe they don't have a place? Why? There are obviously a lot of average games on the App Store.

How did Nintendo start out? Was the NES its very first venture? Of course not.

Apple will eventually enter the console - or home entertainment living area whatever - market, and it will automatically have the market preference, because more people now know how to use iOS platforms, than do Xbox Live or PSN. Or any online service any industry bodies have.

That is why industry folk are saying they'll dominate.

Forget about what Nintendo did with the Wii. Apple is positioning itself to be in an un losable position. That's why it's as big as it is, and that's why it's as successful as it is.

It doesn't look at a market and say, "Holy crap! That's a big market! Let's get a product out there in 6 months!"

That's what happened in the 80s with the video crash, as so many companies were doing that and there was confusion in the market, including Apple.

They've acknowledged the growth of the video game industry, and they are slowly trying to change it and reinvent it.

Now, all they need is that one platform that implements everything into a living room experience. That includes big games, as on 360 and PS3 (for example).

They already have major publisher support. And most major franchises appear on iPad, which is arguably the number one Apple device for gaming.

It will happen eventually, as all signs point to continued growth and focus on the video game industry. When Apple does finally decide to enter the fold, it's going to be an interesting competitive landscape, that's for sure.
Gaetano  +   1680d ago
Wanker.. Cool story bro!
KMCROC  +   1680d ago
Maybe if the world is lucky enough the brains behind Apple will have passed on & Apple will fall back into disarray prior to his return after a ten year absence.
badz149  +   1680d ago
entering the console market with what low spec but overprice iconsole or something?
sikbeta  +   1680d ago
That's the way Apple do their sh#t, white overpriced POS with and advertising campaign telling you how awesome the Apple guys believe their I-POS are...
sikbeta  +   1680d ago
Prepare yourselves to pay $3000 for one of those and $100 per game, but hey, it haz the appz...
iamtehpwn  +   1680d ago
iOS is apple's gaming platform. Period.
pixelsword  +   1680d ago
Yeah; Just like they entered, and dominated, the computer market, eh?
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kookie  +   1680d ago
900$ dollars for a console
femshep  +   1680d ago
only for the next one to be released a month later with no new additions
Rainstorm81  +   1680d ago
It will be the same price
omi25p  +   1680d ago
It will have a front facing camera
Ravenor  +   1680d ago
But will Steve Jobs say it's magical?
fluffydelusions  +   1680d ago
Updated yearly with proprietary USB connectors iConsole 3gs
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BubbleSniper  +   1680d ago
I'd like to see a cooperative merger between Sony and Nintendo if Apple enters games industry.

it would nuke Apple's hype in an instant.

ok, i am now exiting fantasy island.
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Merivigian  +   1680d ago
No no, you're on fine grounds. I mean, we are talking about Apple entering the gaming industry already, aren't we?
jadnice  +   1680d ago
Plus they will introduce a new model every yr... so by version 5 you will have a complete console.
EYEamNUMBER1  +   1680d ago
i see apple entering the console market one day but what games will they have?

if apple entered the console market just to sell multiplats like they do now then they wouldn't dominate squat
Merivigian  +   1680d ago
They need to stay where they are with their little ipod games. I can barely keep sane seeing people play/talk about Angry Birds when I'm out. If Apple enters console gaming, I can't see them bringing anything to the table that the other people can't already do better.
thebudgetgamer  +   1680d ago
pretty much the same thing that was said about sony.
THC CELL  +   1680d ago
For the last time Steve Jobs hates gaming or he would of done it years ago
Takoulya  +   1680d ago
Didn't the guy make games for Atari?
triverse  +   1680d ago
Steve Jobs was a board tester or something for Atari ( http://www.retrogaminground... They have a great interview with Al Alcorn and they spend about 10 minutes discussing Steve Jobs and his "career" early at Atari).
Takoulya  +   1680d ago
Ah, my bad, thanks for clearing that up.
thebudgetgamer  +   1680d ago
i would'nt mind but first they would have to invest in some developers.
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Optical_Matrix  +   1680d ago
Developers developers developers!
femshep  +   1680d ago
it won't.....and even if they do itll be like itunes offer the lowest quality games and compressed so quality goes down even more

ill stick with real companies thank you
sickbird  +   1680d ago
"ill stick with real companies thank you"

yea apple isnt a real company...
trounbyfire  +   1680d ago
you know what he ment
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Apotheosize  +   1680d ago
they did already, with the Apple Pippin
burn10  +   1680d ago
Apple in the console market...and people thought the PS3 was overpriced when it came out, Apple will put it to shame.
Hicken  +   1680d ago
Apple will do no such thing.

First problem: Who would buy it? The fanbases for the currently existing consoles are all pretty well installed; only casuals switch from one to another (though a lot of people have more than one, favoritism doesn't make too many switch from one company to another very often), and casuals wouldn't be likely to shell out the cash for what will probably be an expensive console when MUCH cheaper alternatives exist.

Second problem: What games would it have? What developers would want to support them in a second-party fashion? What third party developers would want to, potentially, learn a FOURTH console's tech? What could they do to compete with the first-party titles delivered by the others?

Third problem: Why would they? For years, Apple has tried to keep up this image of being an "exclusive" company; most Apple fanboys think they're above the average PC owners. Even though reality is far from that, for them to enter the gaming world would me they would have to give up their facade, and I can't see them doing that.
aquamala  +   1680d ago
Apple tv costs $100, sure apple can have a game store for very casual games, but to put serious graphics hardware in there would push the cost to $300+. It would have to be a different product
triverse  +   1680d ago
I agree, somewhat, with what you are saying here. It is true, if Apple were to put serious hardware in a home console of some sort, it would have to be more than $100 like the Apple TV costs. The problem is, this is Apple, they sell iPod Touch's and iPhones like crazy, which are underpowered for gaming, honestly.

The thing is, all they have to do is tap into that "soccer mom" demographic like they did with the portable iOS devices. People that are "closet gamers" of some sort, offer them something they can enjoy, that is not complicated to get to grips with (Nintendo did this with the Wii and look at their sales figures, Sony and MS controllers are a nightmare for new gamers to learn).
nycredude  +   1680d ago
Sorry but who buys iphones for real gaming? That is like picking your nose with no fingers.
Thecraft1989  +   1680d ago
£999 for a console controllers sold separately

games £99

£29 for online code per game

DLC £19.99

I some how don't think it will appeal today's mature gamers.......................
Merivigian  +   1680d ago
I've been perfectly fine with Nintendo for the past 17 years and fine with Sony and Microsoft for the past 10. I think I'll keep my gaming habits as is. No thanks Apple. Same thing with OnLive and cloud gaming. As soon as that shit happens across all platforms, I'm out of gaming. There's no need to waste all that money on a download.
Grimhammer00  +   1680d ago
We also forget that on the hardware side they are only good at making you THINK iEverything is the best most elite sh:t!

It's one thing to create a device(s) that plays games but is master of none. For Apple to get serious and convince gamers (forget casuals), it'd need 1st party least 2-4. Apple would never fund a dev company.

But....I could see Apple & Nintedo...
blackburn10  +   1680d ago
Yeah, I would love to buy a new console every 1-2 years every time Apple feels to add a new feature or upgrade whenever their piles of money get smaller but the infinite tech loop is for suckers.

When I buy a console it is a long term investment. Not falling for Apple's 'We are upgrading to keep up with the competitors' game I am sure they will play.Let them play that game but they are not going to empty my wallet doing it. Not going to buy the Apple console so they can force me to buy a new one a short time later.
klimkuz  +   1680d ago
I'm fine with current set of consoles, the more there are, the less games we can actually play. Even now we have exclusives, think of one more console (and Apple LOVE exclusive things).

And plus, Apple release their tech at least once a year and usually it has no backward/forward compatability. And I'm in no rush to change my console every time they release old crap with new design.

But due to brainless Apple cult, it will be big success and they will invent such unthinkable stuff like: blue-ray, online gaming, chat and many other things, that were never even immagined before.
a_adji  +   1680d ago
Lets be honest with ourselves, what could Apple bring to the console market that no one else can...F ALL. I have an ipad and phone and the only games they are good for is board games and tetris as the controls being touch screen only etc SUCK, Graphics suck but yet people go on about the Wii...Really people really. Phones, computers and even TV's yes consoles naaaaa

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