Sony S1 Android Honeycomb tablet running PlayStation Suite spotted

As the video shows, the S1 will be the first tablet to run Sony’s PlayStation Suite software, an application that provides access to Sony PlayStaton certified games and content, such as the Green Hornet trailer spotted in the video.

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WooHooAlex2540d ago

Video isn't working for me.

BubbleSniper2540d ago

Blutooth and compatibility with their DS3 and I might consider one.

Liquid_Ocelot2540d ago

(0_0) !

I guess that means NO Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for me*

*the real reason is because Samsung gimped the tablet before the US launch.. should've left it the way it was(Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v).

HOSe2540d ago

that screen is nice. will it run diablo 3?

joex2540d ago

Sony copied the style Metro from Microsoft.

Christopher2539d ago

Actually, looks like a slightly wider and more "3d" version of PSN.

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