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Tr10wn2721d ago

is commander not captain....

Twizlex2721d ago

Stealth edited already. How do people that make mistakes like that get hired to the biggest gaming website in the first place?

lashes2ashes2721d ago

shepard should renegade punch this reporter in the face.

Quagmire2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Mathew Fox was BORN to play Shephard. Although, it would be pretty ballsy if they went the Default Femshep route, would cater to the cult fans in favour of the well known MaleShep

Blacktric2721d ago

Shepard won't be in the movie. It'll revolve around First Contact War in which humans made first contact with Turians while trying to activate a relay called Relay 314 which was forbidden to be activated (this law came into effect after Rachni Wars). Turians opened fire to the humans, but their ships quickly got destroyed by human backup force and then things went to shit. Shanxi got occupied by Turians, etc. etc.

Les-Grossman2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

The safe route would be Matthew Fox though. The Lost & Jack fan base is huge & would be on board with Matthew Fox in a cool looking movie

hudsoniscool2721d ago

Mathew fox was born to play shepard but making a movie about me1 would be very hard. I dont know how they would put that into 2 hours. But it would be awsome having the normandy on the big screen, it could stand up to the likes of the enterprise and Millenium falcon. anyhow this movie will need a very large budget(100m+) but if its succesful they could start adapting more games for the big screen(halo, dead space, gears, alan wake)