String of GameStop Robberies In South Florida

Gamertag Radio writes: "Over the past couple of days, a woman has been stealing from businesses at gunpoint in the South Florida area. Three of the four businesses so far have been local GameStops."

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news4me2719d ago

Bout time they're the ones being the victims of theft...

They're business is stealing and making it look like they're giving you a great deal.

Ravenor2719d ago

Dawww think of them poor developers.

Ares842719d ago

They are not forcing you to give them your money. It's not theft if you go to them and willingly take the offer on the table. It's that persons stupidity.

But this should not happen to any store. I hope the criminal will be caught soon.

Lifendz2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Agree 100%, Ares. There's this thing called the internet which allows you to find and infinitely better deal for any game purchase than what Gamestop sells that game for. If you think GS is ripping you off then don't do business there.

What you consider shady business practices doesn't make it right to rob a person that's probably making a little more than minimum wage at gunpoint.

chadwarden2719d ago

I bet the thieves still didn't get a good deal.

radphil2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

"Bout time they're the ones being the victims of theft... "

And yet it doesn't matter to them, but to the employees as far as you know they can be traumatized.

Tired of people joking around thinking robberies are funny or needed when it happens to others that shouldn't deserve it.

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Ravenor2719d ago

This is GTA's fault. Clear proof, our hobby creates monsters!

Or it's just fairly easy to make off with a box of games and the register's are overflowing with dirty pre owned game money.

lazertroy2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )


Edit:As long as know one was hurt

frankymv2719d ago

I wonder if the robber reads N4G.............

thebudgetgamer2719d ago

i do, i mean he does.

its not me.

thebudgetgamer2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

call me mint jelly, cause i'm on the lamb.

solidus: or a master of disguise.

not that it's me, just saying he may be.

Solidus187-SCMilk2719d ago

Well, you are a 220 pound woman so it makes sense.

scepter2719d ago

i never buy from gamestop unless there deal where i trade in get good value for my games i dont play back to get something i must have on release day skyrim which i prordered by trading unwatned games in 3 them got enough for the pc version and guide

thebudgetgamer2719d ago

the only time i go to gamestop is for the buy 2 get one sales. for everything else i have a mom and pop shop i've been going to for ten years.

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