343 Industries and Pyramind Studios Create Halo Anniversary Soundtrack

Pyramind Studios has proudly partnered with 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios to produce the music soundtrack for the upcoming Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary video game. Celebrating a decade of history with the iconic Halo franchise, Pyramind Studios has been chosen to produce and remaster the famed original score for the exclusive Xbox 360 release scheduled for the 2011 holiday season game, which releases November 15th, 2011.

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PandemicPrawn02695d ago

343 Industries and Microsoft are putting in a lot of care into this anniversary edition of Halo CE.

I really get the sense that they don't take the Halo IP or its fan base for granted.

002695d ago

Halo practically saved the x-box.

otherZinc2695d ago

THIS is the one thing that "Scares The Daylights" out of me...The Halo Soundtrack.

However, it seems as if 343 is getting it right.

I agree, sometimes remixes are fantastic. However, I only trust R-Kelly & LL Cool J when it comes to remixes, I hope these people are great with it & dont change the sound much.

I also have every Halo soundtrack made & this will be a day 1 purchase as well. I listen to everything from Classical, Country, to Rap, its great as long as its good.

My wife & I like the Classics & I slipped in some Halo 1 soundtrack & she loved it. I told here this is for a video game, she was stunned. Then I showed her the orchestra playing the Halo soundtrack & she was amazed, saying they spent a lot of money on this!

I absolutely cant wait for this game & soundtrack.

Nitrowolf22695d ago

It was worth every penny when it came out

IQUITN4G2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Bit of a worry this. How do you exactly reproduce the wonderful Halo1 soundtrack synth sounds this way. A lot ambience was key to how you felt in Halo1 regards to lots of synthy instruments used. So how does a cello for example really cut it? .The music was already perfect and it's a disapointment it's being altered- differences will be very obvious to those that know these tunes so well

Otherwise i'm very much looking forward to Anniversary

Nitrowolf22695d ago

Hopefully its not a huge difference and just a more crystal clear version

IQUITN4G2695d ago

It might even be that i like these redone versions but change is so very hard to stomach especially when it's all so perfectly done anyway. Quite how they will create some of the more abstract of sounds is something i guess we'll find out

Tsar4ever012695d ago

As long if it has that symphonic orchestration of AAA motion picture composers like John Williams, James Horner, Hanz Zimmer and NOT THAT bogus ROCK/Metal verison on the Halo2 soundtrack. I'm A-OK with it all.

I guess I might very well will be buying another HALO soundtrack CD. Minds well, I got all soundtracks to all the other Halo games.....