GamerNode - Prey 2 Preview

When I walked into E3, there were a ton of games on my radar as must-see. Even at the Bethesda booth, my mind was completely set on Skyrim and RAGE. But little did I know Bethesda had another game that would have me eager for its release and instantly declaring it a Best of E3 Nominee. With its beautiful game world, impressive design, and an interesting take on first-person shooter gameplay, Prey 2 numbers among 2012's best. If you haven't heard of it yet, be sure to keep reading so you don't miss out on one extremely promising title.

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JsonHenry2693d ago

Sounds awesome. Can't wait for this title.

kamakaz3md2693d ago

yea, this game looks gr8, and i loved prey 1! another goty contender... but still sticking with deus ex 3 : )

amlabella2693d ago

Seems like this was one of the biggest surprises of E3. Never played the first, but the sequel is sounding and looking great.