Insomniac Games reveal new details on player count and map sizes in Resistance 3

Insomniac Games’ James Stevenson reveal several new details regarding the player count and map size options for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive game, Resistance 3.

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Derekvinyard132690d ago

not caring about one more thing untill they cancel the online pass. i buy used games as i dont have money for new ones, and if they still have it i cant play online. retarted

news4geeks2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Serves you right I say. Enjoy the campaign :)

@all haters - you are using their servers so I think it's only fair. You didn't pay them for the game, so why should they let you use their servers?

Derekvinyard132690d ago

lolol funny. you really think im going anywhere near this game if it has some sort of "pass" this is a slap in the face to RES 1 and 2 players.

captain-obvious2690d ago

that's stupid
its like buying a used car and not being able to go out of town because the seller said so

THC CELL2690d ago

i love the pass idea, haters need to get richer or buy a xbox.

karl2690d ago

wow.. u gave us the classic.. im not buying this game if..

but dude, u are actually not counting.. the game bought used has already been bought and counted.. soo why should anyone care about what u want? especially insomniac.. u dont contribute to their games.. only to the re seller

ZombieAssassin2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

That's stupid
it's like buying a used car and expecting the original manufacture to keep putting gas in it for you or having the original warranty or expecting them to fix it for you whenever you break it.

See you can look at it both ways...even though both are terrible analogies.

newleaf2690d ago

Wait, my car's manufacturer is supposed to be paying for my gas?? Darn it i've been doing it so wrong all these years!

DreamTension2690d ago

@news4geeks: I don't follow. How is buying the game used and playing online adding to their server load? It's not like the original owner is still using the severs...

afterMoth2690d ago

EVERY copy that was bought, Insomniac was paid for period. Even if the game is resold, Insomniac was paid for on that copy.

ABizzel12690d ago

I really wish they had some maps for larger scale fights. The 60 player maps were too big, but 40 was just fine back in FOM. At least give us 32 player maps :( some of us like the big scale battles.

It should be:

32 16v16
24 12v12
16 8v8
8 4v4
4 2v2

Who could complain about that?

BeOneWithTheGun2689d ago

So...if I buy a game then let my buddy borrow it while he is laid up with a slipped disc in his back he shouldn't be able to play online?

All "used" copies are not just rentals. I trade games with friends all the time. We all cannot afford to drop $60 bucks every time a game comes out.

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spunnups2690d ago

if you can afford a used game, you can save up a few more shekels and buy it NEW, im sick of hearing people cry poor, get a job, a real job, and you wont have this problem. support these developers who are feeding their family just like the rest of us.

Derekvinyard132690d ago

I AM SUPPORTING THEM by telling them dont waste there hard working time and hard earned money on a pass. u see how much negativity its causing? less people want it then more

CynicalVision2690d ago

I'm also sick of hearing people cry "Get a job" like it's an easy thing to do in this climate.

Whoooop2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

@ Derek

How are you supporting them when they get no profit from used game sales at all??

I understand that gaming is almost a luxury today, but if you can get money for used games, maybe you can wait a bit more and get enough for a new game at launch or when it hits discount.

There is always a way and if you really can't then just rent or look for a cheaper hobby.

Rocket Sauce2690d ago

I'm sick of people treating video game studios like charities.

Seriously, don't worry...they'll be able to afford Christmas dinner this year.

BeOneWithTheGun2689d ago

And you have never downloaded a song? Watched a movie online? Took a slice of pizza from a buddy? Should Pizza hut make disintegrating toppings so if it leaves the purchasers hands they vanish?

I'm just playing devil's advocate here because it's not just buying used or rentals. People share games. Trade and swap. It's part of the culture. If developers want more money then charge more for a new copy. I'd much rather pay 65 bucks (compared to 60 in USA) than have to get nickle and dimed for passes, DLC and whatnot.

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ijkabob2690d ago

People who buy used have about as much power over the devs as Illigal aliens (people who can't vote) have over politicians.

Save up 5 more dollars and buy new, or just do what i do and wait for a sale. Just got brutal legend and fallout new vegas for 15 bucks total. NEW.

vickers5002690d ago

People complaining about not being able to buy used aren't buying the 5 dollar less used copies from places like gamestop, they're people who are buying them for like 15+ less than the new price from places like amazon or ebay. Honestly if there are people who are too cheap that they wont pay a 5 dollar difference, then they can go f themselves, but that's only a small minority of people.

Most people take advantage of the highly discounted used online used game sales, because not all of us can afford to buy every game new. I buy new when I can, but when I cant, I buy used. I would love to support the developers as much as I can (provided they deserve it), but supporting developers isn't my top priority when dividing my hard earned money amongst different, more important expenses. And I will not wait 3 months to a year and sacrifice potential fun just to support devs when I can just buy used.

Whoooop2690d ago

Sony/devs must try to get profit from used game sales... This isn't the first time Sony does this and they have said before that they support this practice.

Do some extra work, get a part-time job or something and get the game new or just rent.

sinncross2690d ago

So there are maps for 4 player action... so is there 4 player split-screen offline MP?

Always great to have some friends over and jam some MP.

TBM2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Eagerly awaiting R3 because I love the series. Some online pass isn't going to stop me from playing a game i'm waiting for. I know people are going to disagree with me, but it doesn't mean much because I have a good paying job and I like to buy my games new usually.

Kur02690d ago

You guys need to calm down about the online pass. If you were a real fan of Resistance then you would buy the game new so the devs get the money they deserve. It costs money to keep servers up!

BeOneWithTheGun2689d ago

Then bill it into the MSRP. When I buy something I want it to work completely. I don't want to have to shell out more money for DLC, online passes and whatnot. Figure out what you "need to survive", then sel it to me for that.

I would be much happier to pay more at retail and have all features and be able to trade a friend for a while and not have him calling me bitching because he cannot get online and a message is asking for a credit card if he wants to have weapons available.

What else do you buy in life that has the seller comming back to you asking if you want more of what was supposed to be a finished product? What if movies stopped before the ending then said we want 5 more dollars if you want to see the ending? TELL ME UPFRONT AND I WILL PAY IT.

Klaykid1232690d ago

You can't afford another 5 dollars? Give me a break.

Kur02690d ago

IKR! Some people just like to complain for the sake of complaining. The pass works on all the accounts on the original console and when you use the original account elsewhere.

BeOneWithTheGun2689d ago

It's the principle of the matter. It started with DLC being in the game then having to pay to unlock it. It just keeps going. Pretty soon it will be a "monthly" pass. If you are a dev and need more money to "house the servers" then just charge it upfront.

aquamala2690d ago

You don't have to buy it new when they are released, wait a year and most games are Down to $20-30 NEW. Heck many games released earlier this year are already < $30.

blusoops2690d ago

Do you even know how much the pass will cost?

Roymunson2690d ago

This is about player count on maps , why is everyone turning this into "online pass" argument , buy it brand new n you won't pay for it , buying second hand dont help developers one bit , why should you use their servers for free when its costing them, that means people who buy a game brand new are subsidising second-hand players.

ABizzel12690d ago

By the time the used version of a game drops low enough where it's worth it, the online is generally at an all time low, so I don't see the point in buying a used with amultiplayer component if the multiplayer is what you're looking forward to the most. (You save what $10 from gamestop, and $15 from gamefly).

I buy used games as well, but it's generally a game I missed for a year of two prior, I don't go into those games expecting online to be alive and kicking, especially since most games have a sequel every 2 years.

TXIDarkAvenger2689d ago

You should pay the full price to support developers that u love to make more games. Don't tell me u only buy used games?.....

It honestly couldn't hurt that much to buy just 1 brand new game.

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Gray-Fox-Type02690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

That is a huge decrease for player count from 60 players... and they should cancel the PSN pass crap. People already have a negative attitude towards this crap and it aint the developers fault. Sonys doing.

theonlylolking2690d ago

Get rid of PSn pass I will get this game. I dont support games that require online passes. Ea started it, THQ loved it, and sony getting into it. This must stop.

BeOneWithTheGun2689d ago

I totally agree with you theonlylolking. Bubbles.

BabyTownFrolics2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

i'm glad to see that my fellow ps3 gamers aint buying this online pass bullshit.

i paid for the game already, you got the money, if I give it to my little cousin to play on his ps3 you want his piggy bank savings too, greedy assholes

telekineticmantis2690d ago

There's less maps to play with 16 players awesome, way to Killzone 3 us Insomniac.

Kur02690d ago

If you watch some of the interviews they said they wanted to MP to be more focused and less chaotic.

newn4gguy2690d ago

Gamers don't want games to be better, apparently. Btw...telekeneticmantis...Kill zone 3 may have taken features away, but it's better because of it.

DeadlyFire2689d ago

Chaos adds intensity. Intensity in FPS genre is something that is disappearing in some games. It is needed!!!!

Not knowing which corner to go around and expect a bullet to fly by is very thrilling experience. Its very enjoyable if you like warzones in a FPS game. 16 players is not a warzone. Its a walk in the park. Oh 3 paths on the map. I know which hallway to stay away from.

jukins2690d ago

maps are resized based on the player amount set way to not read

telekineticmantis2690d ago

"Oh yeah, on the 16p maps you can set the player count smaller if you want. There are also maps that accommodate fewer than 16 players."

"Yes, there are 8-player (4v4) and 4-player (2v2) maps."

"There are maps that are exclusive for 4-player play."

"Yes, you can matchmake into the type and size of game you want."

I see alot of quotes about exclusive maps made for the size of game you want, I don't see anything about resizing maps.

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