Battlefield 3 squads: what we know so far

A full list of all the confirmed squad features in Battlefield 3.

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spektical2721d ago

i hope squad leaders can talk to everyone, that would really further the experience.. sorta like MAG

ExPresident2721d ago

Yeah, it could definately use that. I hate having like 9 friends on or something and we have to split squads and can't communicate. Yeah, we are on the same team, but not being able to communicate just sucks.

bloodybutcher2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

wasnt there article like this some time ago?...
@ spektical
i knew it...oh well,just waiting game now.since i´m getting bf3 on ps3, i have to voice my disappointment about player count in MP.i´d take lower graphics quality without hesitation to have 64 players in a match.
hehe,somebody started giving disagrees to these days,eh?

spektical2721d ago

yea, i believe i've seen this already many times.

it really isnt any new news.. all old, which is just leaving us with watery mouths, waiting for that new drop of information.

Raven_Nomad2721d ago

So 30 FPS, you can only talk to 3 other people on your team..... How can people say Battlefield is more "team oriented" when you cant even frigging talk to them?

Rearden2721d ago

I'm sure they'll have an option where you can talk to more people. And I've played Bad Company 2 for hundreds of hours, and I've heard someone use the voice chat system maybe twice.

Ser2721d ago

Um...because you're cooperating with your squad. I have a feeling that you've never played Battlefield 2. Battlefield is much more tactical than CoD in my opinion.

You have to experience it for yourself. Being in a squad full of your mates with mics is true teamwork.

Why do you need to talk to the guy that's attacking a different objective halfway across the map? That seems kind of pointless.

Although, BF2 DID have the option for all-talk through a key command. This should make a come back in BF3, I see no reason to leave it out.

On topic: I really do hope they remove the ability to lock squads. It's annoying to join a match and not find a squad due to "private" squads. Seriously, get rid of that.

BlackTar1872721d ago

The fact that its 4 person only team is FAILLLLLLL..

which is why BC is never taken serious on any website.

None of my clan or its affliate clans will be getting this game if its 4 player squad only. Unless its 4 player squads but you can join as a group of 8 and it makes it into 2 squads of 4

I hate DICE and there stupid 4 person party system. How many people really don't have more then 3 friends they play with at a time.

Most games i play i see more then groups of 4.
If im wrong sorry but if its 4 player squads they lost a ps3 and 360 sale and i will be PC only

BeastlyRig2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

well you play as a team & in call of duty 12 year olds call you the n word..

BlackTar1872721d ago

Noone should take offense to my comment but i have been a BF player since BF1942 and have played everyone there is even heros.

to me this is lame i have 4 friends who i grew up with from around the country but i can't play together because this game feels that its definition of team should be the master one.

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