4 Game Franchises That Aren’t What They Used To Be

GamerFitNation talks about games that have fallen from their number spots. Throughout the tides of history there are games that we as gamers fall in love with.

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It's True especially when you see the turn out for DMC4 and now with is DMC reboot on the way

SLLCKGT2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Lets just wait to make judgement. I have loved DMC since the first one but aside from sales numbers Ninja Theory hasn't really dissapointed in the quality of their games before.

@ femshep

Heavenly Sword is a good game and still looks amazing for a 2007 game. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is a really good game despite sales. I'm sure if they took the task of rebooting DMC they knew what they are doing. Again, I'll wait til the actual game to make final judgement. Honestly I was getting tired of the rock music with the over the top action scenes and Dante's one liners. Its needs a change and a darker tone.

femshep2692d ago

Ninja theory sucks and both videos they shown of the new dmc shows they don't care about the game what so ever

it goes from looking horrid to capcom and everyone telling them to bring it back to normal and they give us even more crap

cooperdnizzle2692d ago

Do you smoke crack, because enslaved was a horrible game, horrible. Heavenly sword was ten times better. And heavenly sword is just an average game at best. Heavenly sword had some really really good aspects to it, but it also had some horrible aspects to it. If they would have put more time and pacing into the game it could have been a great classic. Ehhh to bad for them.

jaredhart2692d ago

DMC has definitely lost a step.


I'm glad someone can admit it

sikbeta2692d ago

DMC was ruined after the second iteration, that game sucked so bad, then DMC3 was good, but not as good as the first one, DMC4 not so much and finally to make sure Capcom can kill a franchise, DMC reboot by NT lol

ZombieAssassin2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

DmC started out strong for the first game, lost some of it for the second (but still decent enough game), then came back the strongest it had ever been with 3...then they made 4 and while still a decent game it was the worst in the series and now they are changing even more of the game with the new DMC, how the mighty have fallen.

Pretty much agree with the whole article.

xtheownerzx2692d ago

Man what happened to golden age when developers had inspiration to create new things and go all out? Where is that creativity?

Dart892692d ago

*Man what happened to golden age when developers had inspiration to create new things and go all out? Where is that creativity?

I believe all that great stuff died in the early 2000's and late 1990's.I don't know about you but i would love to go back to those days:(.

sikbeta2692d ago

Like the boy bands lol inspiration is disappearing for most devs because, they can't win against the shootorz like CODz, so they try to follow the same path making more shootorz and by that the gaming market gets over-saturated of shootorz, then after realize that they can't achieve the same success as the CODZ, they see hope in mobile devices flooded with mini games that right now are successful, but give it some time and you see how everything tend to repeat itself :P

DA_SHREDDER2692d ago

Tenchu, Ace Combat, GTA, GT5, Dragon Warrior, FF, i could go on.

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The story is too old to be commented.