What's Next For L.A. Noire?

It's been pretty well publicized that Rockstar Games has reportedly fallen out with L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi. However, given that both 2K Games and Team Bondi have expressed interest in a sequel, it certainly puts a follow-up to L.A. Noire, already a title so closely associated with Rockstar already, in an interesting position. Given L.A. Noire's massive success, a sequel is all but inevitable, but who actually MAKES the game is up in the air. It's not readily known who owns the rights to the franchise, so who takes the reigns of the sequel is anyone's guess.

Below, we list some possible directions the franchise can go in the future, with the most likely scenario at the top and decreasing likelihood as you go down. Note: this isn't another "What We Want in L.A. Noire 2" list, there are already enough of those. These are just possible ways how development of L.A. Noire 2 can proceed.

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BeastlyRig2448d ago

mods maybe later this year!

femshep2448d ago

hopefully nothing

or do the same idea in a different city

kamakaz3md2448d ago

the game was just to slow paced for me, not enough action, a simple rent was fine for me... but it had a good idea... just not my type of game, sadly cause im a huge rockstar fan, all well, ill be waiting for gta 5 : )

kamakaz3md2447d ago

and it was produced by rockstar... all rockstar games are similar if you havent noticed?

Raider692448d ago

Actually Team Bondi owns the IP and all the rights and not 2k or R*. And from what it seems they are already looking for a new publisher.The last option its actually the right one.

PhantomT14122447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

I'm sure there won't be any "L.A. Noire 2". I mean, who would want to see a sequel of this game in the same city during the same period? That's what the DLCs are already doing.
We'll probably see a similar detective game, a spiritual successor but not in L.A. and not during the 40-50's. Then I wonder what'll happen to yhe rights and IP in that case since they won't probably reuse the name, but the gameplay will be similar...

Also, Remedy went with Microsoft but it's still Rockstar who's developing Max Payne 3.

PhantomT14122447d ago

I was intrigued, so I verified and L.A. Noire is a registered trademark of Take Two.

bdonham8032448d ago

After all the DLC is released, I hope that Rockstar announces GTA5

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