Cosplay Spotlight: Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin’s Creed II)

RipTen: It’s a fantastic costume, complimented by an equally-skilled photographer. The materials look authentic and the cosplayer has no problem getting into character. Y’know… the climbing…

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Sigmarue2714d ago

I'd climb everything if I had a cape.

egidem2714d ago

Just had a funny scene in my head where I rush through the counter line at a supermarket, pushing everyone on the sides, finally jumping in air (slow motion) then a church bell rings just as I stab the annoying clerk in the neck with a hidden blade.

ATiElite2713d ago

WOW now that's very impressive.

At first i thought i was looking at Hi-Res game Photos...but that's a guy in an outfit....AWESOME!

this guy and the one Beyonetta Cosplay get the awards for best Cosplay outfits.

xPhearR3dx2714d ago

That's cool. I'm jealous of that outfit.

jaredhart2714d ago

Would prefer to see some courtesans.

khan_saab2714d ago

the courtesan in the AC brotherhood multiplayer is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

femshep2714d ago

thats cool but Altair is much cooler

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