Could the lack of Nintendo's own social online platform be the final blow for the Wii U?

8bitfix writes: We are continually working around Nintendo's consoles that are playing catch up to the latest technology. Sure they innovate with new ways to play our games, but at the same time, their hardware is lacking in basic functions. We witnessed the Wii's incapability to play a standard DVD movie, and the lack of a social online platform.

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DA_SHREDDER2716d ago

As much as it hurts to say this, I think Nintendo is gonna screw up their online, therefore negating its relevance in the hardcore market.

Misterhbk2716d ago

Idk, I see certain games such as Mario Kart, and possibly pokemon having decent online systems, and then the major FPS games will be fine on the Wii U. it's the other games from nintendo and third parties that i see suffering from this decision.

MaxXAttaxX2716d ago

They really need to step it up when it comes to online.
The only thing I did online on the Wii was buy awesome retro games.

Active Reload2716d ago

Final blow? What a garbage statement.

BubbleSniper2716d ago

so many Wii U articles, nothing but grains of salt that comes with them

nothing concrete except the confirmation of 3d capabilities?

everything else is fluff and filler.

jukins2716d ago

exactly ppl that use psn and xbl like having one user name across all games easier for friends to play with you. that alone will make it very hard for nintendo to pull a worthwhile chunk of hardcore gamers away from ps3 and 360. which can make this just like the wii all over again in terms of 3rd party support.

KingDustero2716d ago

Exactly! Hearing this is the final blow for me. I myself was interested in the Wii U, but skeptical because it seems like most of the hardcore games will just be ports of games that'll have been out for at least six months on the other platforms before coming to the Wii U.

After hearing that there won't be a centralized online network I say Nintendo has failed at gaining the hardcore audience. I myself would much rather buy the new Xbox for Halo than buy a Wii U for late ports. I don't care about any of Nitendo's first party franchises anymore.

So far the ONLY next gen home console I'm for sure getting is the PS4, but the Wii U is for sure a NO.

Valk2715d ago

Most Wii U game will be on other consoles for 6 motnhs? So every single 3rd party game has been confirmed to be 6 motnhs late?

Let's be honest here. It wouldnt matter what it offered you would spin and make stuff up to turn it into a negative.

Nothing on Wii u is really known but its a no to you. Nothing on PS4 is known but its an instant buy. Really that sounds like the kind of thing a fanboy would say.

TruthbeTold2716d ago

How are they screwing up online? They are letting 3rd party developers do whatever they want. Nintendo isn't going to invest millions upon millions into dedicated servers when the only online Nintendo game people will play by the millions is Smash Bros. Nintendo makes games that can be played online, but for the most part people prefer to play with people in the same room.

Also, why is DVD playback so important to some people? It makes no sense. Everyone and their mother has a dvd player and probably a few consoles that can play dvd's. Nintendo isn't Sony. They ONLY make games and consoles. Sony is an electronics company that makes TV's, media players, etc.

MS got drawn into the HD format B.S. and look what happened to them. You aren't going to beat Sony at their own game when you are only a video game company.

Let's not even mention what would happen if Nintendo DID put in a dvd player. All people would say is 'Bout time. Should have used Blu Ray though, it's 2012. Blah blah blah.'

Not all (and probably not most) serious gamers think in terms of only owning one console. I play movies (and of course games) on my PS3. I own a 360 but I only use it for games. And I sure as hell don't need another dvd player in the Wii U to make it even $5 more expensive than what it will be. This isn't to mention my PS2 and original Xbox that are stashed away for now. We need another dvd player about as much as we need another article soft bashing the Wii U... We don't.

Merivigian2716d ago

Yea, I don't see everybody's gripe with the DVD ordeal. Consoles like the 360 and PS3 have them because they sold themselves as family entertainment do-it-alls. Nintendo is the only one who's main focus is pure gaming.

jukins2715d ago

problem with your statement is nintendo said themselves they are gonna focus more on the hardcore. without a unified single user name system might as well kept the friends code system. "hardcore" gamers often play different games with friends online. Its a hassle to not be able to pull up your friends list and invite ppl, remember the ps3 at launch?

the dvd deal I agree with ya its not a big deal.

--Onilink--2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )


so where is it exactly that they said there wont be a single user name system??? i dont remember seeing any article mention that. I even recall seeing statements from ubisoft saying the system will operate with profile very much like Live.

People are seriously making a huge deal out of statments that are so vague and provide so few actual details, that its funny how a lot of ppl always end up saying "i planned on buying one but now i wont..."for every article that shows up.

How about we wait until we know some concrete facts before passing judgement.

PS: about the BS article, if this is the final blow, what were the other blows b4 it??? i didnt knew the autor knew so much more than anyone about the console

egidem2716d ago

Nintendo really needs to up its game in terms of online services. They can't keep on playing the "this is a game console, not a multimedia machine" card. People's needs change frequently, so should Nintendo.

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Emilio_Estevez2716d ago

Love how they say final blow when nothing is certain yet. I find that amusing.

Objective2716d ago

Lol yes! So which is the first blow...?

thekiddfran2715d ago

The first blow was when they showed the console for the first time. For the first time in the history of gaming, nintendo managed to make a launch of a next gen console boring and confusing........massive blow.

sikbeta2716d ago

It also says *COULD* as an assumption, anyway, it may not be the "final blow" to N, but a pain in the @ss for core gamers that want an unified online network like X-live and PSN...

--Onilink--2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

also really funny this part: "With the lack of a centralized online plan, there will come a lack of structure. If Nintendo built a solid online foundation, they wouldn't be receiving as many complaints from third-party developers"

When basically Nintendo is letting 3rd parties do whatever they want, i really dont see them complaining about that. The only problem might be with small 3rd parties that might not have the resources to set something up for themselves, so we will have to see what nintendo does for them

Cereal2716d ago

I couldn't care less how good or bad a console's online is as long as I can play the multiplayer games online. I don't purchase consoles based on how good or bad their multiplayer system will be, I buy it based on the games. Now that Nintendo is going back to focusing on hardcore games and getting back a ton of 3rd party support I will be buying the 3DS & Wii U.

VampiricDragon2716d ago

I am so happy people are saying its the "final blow" because that means it wont be

zero_gamer2716d ago

I have a bad feeling about the online portion of the Wii U too. They can put the most powerful console out there, but the core gamers want online that is somewhat decent. Nintendo really lacks in the online department. Their other aspects (first party games, system stability, innovative features) are quality though.

--Onilink--2715d ago

actually thats kinda why they are letting the 3rd parties handle the online as they prefer, they already acknowledge that if they created the online network and make every developer follow their rules, it wouldnt work

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