Console Limitations

As this generation has evolved so has the competition. It's more than gaming now, it's about the combination of gaming lifestyle, and technology merging together. The PC space as disjointed as it may seem at times has always been a progressive platform. Although, the console business model can't accept that kind of volatility. It can step up with console manufactures taking a better look at longevity, and what is needed for the future. investigates console limitations.

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cochise3132718d ago

Good devs can work around console limitations. Looks how good gears 3 and UC3 look. Some devs are too lazy to optimize their engines. Some devs can't even master the ps3 yet, why do they want a new gen so bad?

fluffydelusions2718d ago

You answered your own question. Lazy devs. That said, I'd still rather them concentrate on gameplay/story rather than strictly graphics.

BeastlyRig2718d ago

nah consoles are limited.. They can't get BF3 preformance out of it like pc.. I think all devs want that.. That is not lazy.

MrSpace2718d ago

"Some devs can't even master the ps3"

Because they can't be arsed to work towards it, do you think NaughtyDog are just lucky with they work there arses off, they wanted to do a desert setting because they knew Sand physics were really hard to do, they were challenging themselfs.

The point is if devs work hard on the PS3, it pays off in the end.

Foxgod2718d ago

Multi games cant look as good as exclusives, if you have to optimize a game for more then one system, then you have to make sacrifices to ensure that the code can run on both/all platforms.

Thats why PC games got such an enormous overhead.
Because of the extra layer in Direct-X that has to translate the software to dozens of different hardware setups, same goes for multi platform engines.

djsandman2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Well, you obviously don't understand the law of diminishing returns. The jumps between games graphically are becoming minuscule compared to earlier in our consoles lifespans. A new generation would bring much more graphical power to their table, bottlenecks like the current GFX cards and Ram are very apparent. optimization can't go much farther on our current platforms. For Devs to reach new creative, graphical and immersive heights we need new platforms.

I'm kinda sick of everyone thinking you can just optimize a system forever and it will continue to improve drastically.

evrfighter2718d ago

Paragraphs dude...can I have it?

Liked the idea of the article but I couldn't finish it.

Foxgod2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Even Uncharted and gears have pretty much hit the ceiling.

New consoles will probably arrive in 2012/2013, otherwise the next gears and uncharted will barely have a graphical improvement.

And games that are considered gfx beasts, will become pretty stale if they dont improve on what they do best.

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thebudgetgamer2718d ago

i does not matter how strong a system is if the people working it don't understand how to use it.

cedaridge2718d ago

I agree! after gears 3 & uncharted 3 i think it's time for the next gen. especially microsoft it's time for the xb720. 360 this Nov will be 6 yrs old and pretty much have NO MORE exclusives.

cedaridge2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

WHO ever disagree wit me i challenge YOU to tell everyone hear, What EXCLUSIVE'S after GEARS 3 will 360 owners will be looking forward too? and im no fanboy i have both ps3/xb360 also but Gears 3 will own me and a lot of other ppl. ps3: cedaridge / xbl: cedaridge