Top Gear Adding to Your Forza Motorsport 4 Experience

Could this get any better? Forza Motorsport, with the added experience of Clarkson from Top Gear--the ultimate solution for any driving enthusiast.

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maskren2722d ago

Bwahaha. This is gonna be awesome.

StanLee2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Man, who saw Clarkson eat up Monte Carlo in the Citroen DS3 Sunday night?! That was intense. Can you believe Hamster only beat Captain Slow by 1 second?! He should be ashamed. Hope the Monte Carlo track get's added to Forza 4. It's awesome! Still think Tom Chilton is the new Stig though.

agentxk2722d ago

Forza look to be pretty amazing by itself

theonlylolking2722d ago

Still not as good as GT5 but still really good.

Neoninja2722d ago

I respectfully disagree with you. I feel Forza is as good if not better than GT5, but to each their own and enjoy.

blitz0x2722d ago

I haven't watched as much of the show as I should have. Hopefully this turns out pretty awesome.

silencedwriter2722d ago

Never a forza guy. Always preferred gran turismo.

blitz0x2722d ago

Yeah, me too in all honesty.

Objective2722d ago

You guys are missing out big time then. Polyphony really dropped the ball this gen IMO.

maskren2722d ago

I always wanted to love Forza, but I'm terrible at realistic driving simulation. I was always better at Project Gotham, because it drove the line between arcade and sim.

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The story is too old to be commented.