A sneak peek at the new Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Survival trailer

SystemLink: "Robert Bowling has tweeted a sneek peek at the latest Modern Warfare 3 trailer, which will show off juggernauts, guns and death. As you'd expect."

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Warprincess1162658d ago

Maybe his mic made him sound like that. Your comment was really immature.
Anyway im still hoping they add 4 players and not just 2.

HSx92658d ago

So I guess the new thing on N4G is about being immature, that's all I see nowadays, Immature this, immature that.

Ares842658d ago


No, that isn't the new thing. It's just Warprincess116's thing. She goes into every COD and Battlefield 3 news to defend COD and call everyone immature who doesn't like COD or makes fun of COD.

You know, she is immature like that.

Shackdaddy8362658d ago

How immature of you to say that Warprincess


killerhog2658d ago

oh no bro is beyond that. sHE goes to every article and just straight out trolls and calls out other people when she does the exact samething. im honestly starting to believe warprincess is delusional probably why sHE believes sHE's a girl

StankyChicken2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )


oh please, and you're comments aren't immature either? get outa here troll.....

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Dart892658d ago

That's youre typical cod player :D.

DarkTower8052658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

And if some of the BF fanboys around here are the typical BF player then who would drop COD for BF? Seems like you guys are quite upset that BF isn't as popular as COD. It's a shame because if you really wanted COD to fail and BF to rise above it you would embrace COD fans instead of insulting them.

With fanboy attitudes you're keeping the BF fanbase from growing

Gray-Fox-Type02658d ago

Looking great heard great things about the new specs off survival mode from previews :D

xCaptainAmazing2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Well hold on a minute here. I'm pretty sure everyone on the planet liked CoD4 because it was completely awesome. I still like Call of Duty and I feel a lot of people bash it out of some weird superiority complex. As a matter of fact, I bet almost everyone who hates CoD does for one reason:

The quality bar.

Now it's hard to discount them here, but if you take out the Treyarch games (which shouldn't even exist), the IW games have always been pretty good seeing as how they created the franchise. Basically, I like the series, but Activision is handling it poorly.

I will give MW3 the chance it deserves. You can play the "milked" card all day, but there are like a trillion NFS games and a fair amount of Battlefields at that. Literally the only thing this game needs to do to be successful is launch with minimal quirks, have great post-launch support, and sort some balancing issues. CoD is still better than nearly every multiplayer FPS out there because the actual gameplay/feel is bang on. It's something a lot of games struggle with.

A lot of people bark about the graphics, but in the realm of smooth 60fps shooters that look even half decent on consoles, it's up there. Forget Battlefield, it's a totally different playstyle and while it may have a more impressive engine, it's not going to have a huge impact on the console market because they just can't handle the game at it's highest settings.

RyuCloudStrife2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

are shameful on this site... I guess thats why they dont get paid, you get what you pay for which in this case is NOTHING...

If not they would have cleared your trash of comment from the front page...

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solidsnake2222658d ago

Well, it's no nazi zombies but I guess it'll do.

user83971442657d ago

Im not buying it because of no zombies. Zombies is all I play in call of duty.

Miiikeyyy2658d ago

Yaaaawn, Is that MW2 screenshots?

newhumanbreed2658d ago

I'm pretty sure those are MW1 screen shots.

SNEEKZ0NER2657d ago

I never knew MW1 even had spec ops. Can you show me where it had it? (Sarcasm)

newhumanbreed2657d ago

You obviously don't see my point.

Motorola2658d ago

Wow whats with the haters. If you dont like it. DONT BUY IT (even thought YOU WILL anyway) and DONT comment on the article. Jeez.

SkittlesLikesPopcorn2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

wont buy it, but will comment - just to piss u off cod nub.

Ember69402658d ago

Motorola is right, also I bet half of you are just bandwagoners and once MW3 starts selling millions, you guys are gonna hop on and play MW3 anyway.

Motorola2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Ouch my feelings are so hurt. And I bet you will buy the game eventually, whether it be 2 years. You will end up playing the game. Thats what it is with most of the COD haters.

silencedwriter2651d ago

Oh hey, I found you. You see, it doesn't do any good to talk crap to someone via a personal message asking them why they haven't responded calling them a "cunt" when you had them blocked, you complete idiot. Next time you talk shit to someone, be man enough to take the heat, sissy bitch.

SkittlesLikesPopcorn2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

@Ember & Motorola.

I bet thats the reason why you are getting the game. Because your "Friends" will play it. Rofl like you had any.

No i wont be getting this junk game, b/c BF3 is around corner. I wont buy MW3 b/c i already own it on my steam games list but with a different name "Call of duty 4 modern warfare".

Why pay twice or more for the same thing? not everyone likes wasting their cash like you 2 goons.

JeffGUNZ2657d ago

Battlefield fanboys are the worst. I remember the identical argument and "Battlefield is around the corner!" nonsense when BFBC2 was released. All you BF fanboys hyped the hell out of that game and look how that turned out. If you're looking forward to BF3, then great, why troll COD articles?

Just play both, they are actually completely different play styles. I don't even know why so many people compare them.

stu8882657d ago

please, stop being a dick.

SNEEKZ0NER2657d ago

I agree with JeffGUNZ, seriously if you're a BF3 fanboy why are you on this article talking about BF3? I'll be buying BF3 and MW3 and I'm sure I'll play both story modes. I'll play some of the MP on BF3 and some of the MP on MW3 but most likely I'll be playing more of the mp on MW3 because I'm more of cod player.

silencedwriter2651d ago

In case you didn't notice, this tool bag has been ripping up N4G with fanboy antics. I reported him and blocked/ignored him, as should the rest of the planet. A waste of breathable air.

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HS832658d ago

personally Im getting both this and BF3, I admit I like cod because its infantry based and fast paced and like BF3 for large scale war.

Adexus2658d ago

Completely agree with you.

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