4 Things Battlefield 3 Must Do to Beat Modern Warfare 3

After taking a look at Modern Warfare 3, it's now time to take a look at Battlefield 3 and what it needs to do to come out on top this holiday season.

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Pandamobile2720d ago

1. Release on October 25.

JoGam2720d ago

1. Sell
2. Sold
3. Bought
4. Resevre

JLeVRT2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Actually its:
1. nothing
2. nothing
3. nothing
4. nothing

BF3 already won.

JeffGUNZ2719d ago

Won what? I am tired of people comparing these two games. Yeah, they are military related and modern related, other than that, they play completely different. Call of duty is more of a run and gun, quick-pace, arcade style of shooter, while battlefield is a more tactical, cautious, team-work based game. They both have completely different play styles and I personally enjoy playing both. Sometimes I am in a mode for a good teamwork based shooter and other times I am in the mood for a run and gun, jump on and have instant fun kind of mood.

If someone likes a game, then everyone wins.

EazyC2719d ago

I like your train of thought.

Wizziokid2720d ago

it's all ready beat MW3, just like past BF games beat past COd games.

LOGICWINS2720d ago

I believe the article is talking about sales.

fluffydelusions2720d ago

I don't think anything will beat COD in sales

thorstein2720d ago

But that doesn't make BF3 a "loser." BFBC2 wasn't a "loser" because COD MW2 outsold it. In fact, it is quite a successful title. It is like the lame Xbox v PS argument: who won? Both are successful. There isn't a winner or loser.

And if you base "winning and losing" only on sales, then the Wii won. And second place goes to the DS. See, doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

MaxXAttaxX2720d ago

You believe wrong.
The article talked about tactical gameplay, graphics and DLC.

LastDance2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago ) ways to ensure the public spend their money on this game as opposed to MW3.


EazyC2719d ago

Yeah, I think that's what people mean by "beat", as BC2 more than proved itself to "beat" CoD in terms of...y'know...the game?

I really hope BF 3 can be the sales king, it sure as hell deserves it.

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The_Claw2719d ago

Dont you love how the cod kids say graphics dont matter, yet boast about 60fps. Could you imagine if mw3 was running on unreal4 or some new engine? It would be complete chaos. Oh wait, graphics dont matter.

Warprincess1162720d ago

The only reason this game is getting hyped is because of the graphics. Graphics don't make a game fun. That why im confident COD will beat this.

JoGam2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Well other BF games were fun. Thats why I think it will do well. Along with the fantastic graphics.

Pandamobile2720d ago

Yeah because the entire Battlefield series has gotten to where it is today on graphics alone /s

It couldn't possibly be the awesome 64 person battles with jets, tanks, APCs, or frenetic infantry combat.

fluffydelusions2720d ago

You are making sense and that needs to stop. You are on n4g after all.

killerhog2720d ago

MAG already does that and more. also the 64 player competitive matches is a pc only feature, so for someone like me (who played MAG) its not really that innovating. really bf3 and codmw 3 better do something that really stands out to warrant my purchase of either game.

P.S people who say MAG has ps2 graphics obviously do not know what they are talking about. ps2 is not capable of handling a game like that at all. i think MAGS graphics are superb for what the game does

Ducky2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

^ MAG had jets, tanks, APCs and more? O.o
I suppose in that case, COD does those things too. =/

Maybe warhawk would've been a better game to use?

killerhog2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )


maybe you should get your eyes checked if your username gives any indication of your description

MAG has:
APC's (that you can drive around, spawn and shoot from)

Humvees (that you can drive around and shoot from)

Bunkers (that you can spawn from and shoot from

Different kind of Air strikes (so yes it would have aircrafts)

helicopters (that you can spawn from and shoot from),

256 player count (which not only surpasses what BF3 can do on consoles, but what it can also do on the PC).

real time explosions/destruction (not pre-rendered and yes a bit limited to what BF3 can do but none the less has destruction))

so please next time youre going comment know your shit.

Bladesfist2719d ago

Mag has destruction, Vehicles that you can control, Fun gameplay.

Nope, nope and nope

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killerhog2720d ago

yeah warprincess is right. bugs, exploits, cheaters, laggers, unstable servers, glitches, hacks, overall an unpolished game makes it fun /s.


MW3 looks like a generation below from BF3. Why are you mad that even 3 Devs making MW3 can't even match the quality of DICE?

Is not your fault, don't be mad.

Emperor_Cono2720d ago

Really you think Battlefields selling point is its graphics? LOL!
Yes its graphics are frickin awsome, at least it shows a little class in the aesthetics department unlike COD which is more of a trampy chav teenage girl without her make-up on...

Miiikeyyy2720d ago

BFBC2 gameplay > COD gameplay.
BF actually requires skill. That's why little kids play COD, cus they pick the controller up and just press buttons and oh look, Killed someone!

Pl4sm42720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

you obviously haven't played BF2 ... go play ur arcade run n shoot while us mature ones play with actual veterans of the virtual warfare .... U GOT TOLD

JeffGUNZ2719d ago

What makes someone less mature because they prefer faster paced shooters as opposed to your "virtual war"? Some people just enjoy the fast paced, edge of your seat action as opposed to the tactical, team-based play style. Doesn't make them any less. Who cares what others enjoy anyway?

Tuxedoassassin2720d ago

And if BF3 didn´t had good graphics, you would say otherwise.
And by the way, doing the same for 5 years is sure fun. /s
And if you think I´m some troll who didn´t play previous CoD, I played them all expect 3.
Please, go troll somewhere else, it´s boring.

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tigertron2720d ago

It will no doubt beat it in quality, but in terms of sales? I doubt it.

Ares842720d ago

In my eyes Battlefield Bad Company 2 already beat any COD game. Battlefield 3 will easily beat MW3. I got every COD every year but this year I will only get Battlefield 3.

Pl4sm42720d ago

BF3 would beat COD and its expansion packs ... ( IF PEOPLE GREW AN IQ OF 10 )

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