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Prcko2717d ago

Nice,one more step to kill piracy on ps3!!!
Gj Sony

Warprincess1162717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Ya this sounds great. I can't wait for Resistance 3

Nitrowolf22717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Hell no it's not. IDK how Online passes work so someone please correct me if i am wrong here.
The code can only be used once correct?
I lend a lot of my games out and borrow/rent from many places. This is just gonna suck knowing that i won't be able to play online with those games.

Plus what about multiple accounts?

If all that is true then this is terrible idea IMO.

RememberThe3572717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

It depends. EA still lets you play online without a pass, but your not able to use certain guns or maps and I think they have a level cap. without the pass you basically get to demo the online. But it still sucks. I rent a lot of my games because money is so tight now days and for me this blows.

@Logic: That is too true. This game is getting no hype and this might just turn people off the game even more. Sony needs a new marketing team. They can't hype shit. These people can barely get people fired up about Uncharted 3, I mean we're firing ourselves up for these games, Sony's got nothing to do with it.

LOGICWINS2717d ago

Resistance 3 is BARELY getting any real hype. It didn't even make top 20 on pre-order charts in the Americas. I don't know how Sony believes that they can afford to do something like this...ESPECIALLY with such an under the radar game.

Blaze9292717d ago

well we better hope Sony doesn't try to pull a PSP on these PSN passes by charging $15-$20 like they did with Socom

$20 - hahaha man. This won't go well

thewolf52717d ago

I would be up for boycotting this. Honestly, I love insomniac to death, but this goes against traditional gaming so much.

Rocket Sauce2717d ago

About the Socom thing...did they seriously call it an "entitlement voucher?"

WOW! These people really hate their fans.

WhittO2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

This is BS!!

Will have to see more details on how this works though.
Wouldn't this code be tied to your PSN name, if so what happens if you want to create a new account etc, no online?
Or is it tied to a PS3, so I can't take my game to a m8s house or downstairs PS3 and play online?

Honestly, Sony and PSN have been really going downhill lately, it's things like this that make owning a 360 more inviting and switching next gen.
You may pay £40 per year but you get so many more online features for that, which Sony seem to have no interest in delivering at all since they have had YEARS to up their game now but only ever deliver small improvements, as if a team of 2 are doing all the work over there.

SilentNegotiator2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

*Goes out back and shoots brains out*

Gaming is going down the progressional crapper faster than Transformers Movies are becoming a mere series of CGI explosions.

I won't buy a single title from Sony that uses this system. No way, Jose.

himdeel2717d ago

PSN Pass = No reach around for second hand copies of games to access online features. What this all comes down to is the publishers getting money for content you want to access.

Now the cost of a used game plus a pass will do one of two things I'm thinking. One encourage you buy the game new. Two the cost of those used games goes down considerably to offset the additional cost of paying for the pass later.

gamingdroid2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Oh my! My worst fear has come to happen via Sony.

Let's hope MS doesn't follow suite, they already charge you $40/annually.

I'm boycotting any game that comes out with this type of online pass (except Mass Effect), because I shouldn't have to pay again to have family/friends paying to access content I already paid for! This is BS.

Now, if they give me something extra and worthwhile with that pass then I might be interested....

Kingscorpion19812717d ago

Just curious will this affect online co-op?????

JellyJelly2717d ago

@zero_gamer - They say Kinect is "just an Eyetoy" but are extremely quick to point out how different Move is from the Wiimote lol.

frostyhat1232717d ago

I knew you were a fanboy but... how in any way does this sound good to you?

TBM2717d ago

Listen im eagerly awaiting Resistance 3 because I love the series and this pass thing isn't going to stop me from purchasing and playing this game.

I'm willing to bet that majority of the people complaining about will probably purchase that CoD elite thingy without a second thought.

metsgaming2717d ago

i hope they dont put that psn pass logo on the boxes, thus ruining the nice box art.

sikbeta2717d ago

I'm not against it, but that's because Devs can get some money out of retailers who encourage consumers to buy used copies, like the douches at Gamestop and the such, but it's nothing to celebrate either Warprincess...

badz1492717d ago

but personally this doesn't affect me as I always buy my games new. but sucks to those depending on the used market although my advice for you guys is just wait a bit and you"ll eventually be able to buy your games at a lesser price.

inveni02717d ago

This doesn't bother me at all. I never use online features of games except for ModNation Racers and LBP 1&2. I know I'm in the minority, but the pass shouldn't affect me.

zeeshan2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I am an avid Sony fan but this SUCKS!!!! Not every gamer can afford to buy titles on day one! This is going to kill the used games market and what about Gamefly? Even if Sony were to announce $30 price tag for every new game, it would still suck ass!

jessupj2717d ago

I rent most of my games so I am not happy about this one little bit. I can't believe Sony is doing something like this.

I would have expected this from Microsoft, but Sony?...

raztad2717d ago

I dont think Sony is trying to tie the online component of their games to a single account (redeeming account) that would come as a big fvk you to costumers. What if you have multiple accounts? I have a feeling this is more like Socom Pro Pass where the original buyer get access to premium content. Something I can agree with.

KingSlayer2717d ago

I can afford to support my hobby. Since I buy Sony 1st party games new anyway, it's a non-issue. But please people, bitch and moan like the children you are. If you do all your chores, maybe mommy will buy you a "new" game.

tplarkin72717d ago

I wouldn't worry about this pass thing. In the very near future, games will be available for download at launch. So, used games will be a thing of the past.

GavLam882717d ago

Even Sony fans can agree, that for the consumer this is not great. If you purchase your games new, this will not affect you. If you purchase your games second hand, then yes you will not have the full experience.

The purpose of the pass from what is said in the article sounds as if it either adds or restricts certain content. I quote, the code will provide "full online access for that title". This is Sony's way of encouraging users to buy new games instead of second hand so that you can the full content. Its just another incentive model, similar to EA and what retailers do to make you pre-order.

Do not misinterpret this as not being able to play online. No where in that statement does it say you wont be able to play online. What we don't know is how much is restricted to the online code. If it is massively detrimental to the online experience then I am fully against it, as will the gaming community. If it is more minor factors, then I can understand them labeling it as a premium addition. Until they clarify what the code includes...lets not jump to any conclusions eh?

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BeastlyRig2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

so why does everyone RAGE when EA does it? or is this different?

Pandamobile2717d ago

Sounds almost identical to EA's online pass.

Lol at how the tone of people towards the idea of an online pass for games goes from "OMG WTF IS THIS BULLSH** EA IS TERRIBLE, I'M NOT GOING TO BUY THEIR GAMES"


"Nice,one more step to kill piracy on ps3!!!
Gj Sony"

Nitrowolf22717d ago

From whats being said here, there is absolutely no difference between them. This is just an aim to profit from the used game market.

garos822717d ago

i consider myself a "ps3fanboy" but i dont like these kinda of things. these things dont normally work to deter pirates and i personally dont think that piracy harms sales as much as some people think.
i mean just look at ps1 and ps2 and how much piracy occurred on those 2 consoles. it didnt stop them both from breaking numerous sales records both in hardware and software. i dont know a single person this gen with a pirated ps3 and look where its landed the ps brand

StanLee2717d ago

@ Pandamobile

Welcome to the great Sony circle jerk which is prevalent on almost every gaming site.

RememberThe3572717d ago

@StanLee Double standards are funny that way.

This sucks no matter who's doing it. But what can you expect? They have to do something about the used games market.

BubbleSniper2717d ago

online passes are bullshit, period.

Why o why2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Thats strange....i only see 2 people praising this. You need more than 2 for a circle jerk.....what i see is more of a dutch rudder.

The consensus seem to be that this blows....hard. The devs get more of their deserved money that the retailers have been pinching but definitely at our expense

Edit. Seems some (more than 2) people are all for this and others are not sure because they dont know how this pass actually works. Maybe its best to wait... I still think it sucks though....oh there are double standards all over this side is above it..just sayin

SilentNegotiator2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Two users (known trolls) praise it and then you guys use it as an excuse to cry about PS3 fanboys.

Ridiculous. Stop using a self-victim-complex as an excuse to troll.

zero_gamer2717d ago Show
sikbeta2717d ago

Ah, people crying because this is the heaven of Sony fanboys again? this is old, I thought you got used already :P


Online passes are good for devs who get screwed over retailers, if you don't want to pay for this, buy Games brand New and stop crying...

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I really don't think this is a good idea... and I was excited for R3 too.

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Nitrowolf22717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I don't understand though, how would this stop piracy? I already know that it's pretty much stopped since the latest FW (Unless dev. update game with old update build), but this is for online play, which all CFW have no access anyway.

I hate the IDea of Online PASS. EA does it, THQ does it.
Not a huge step in stopping piracy, just a big step in making the used game market less attractive.


Of course it's clever. It'll work to cause people won't know until later and will most likely end up buying it.

Pandamobile2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

It's to make money off of used sales, which are almost as crippling to the console games industry as piracy is on PC.

It's quite clever, IMO.

In an era where the average big release costs 20+ million dollars to make, can you really blame the publishers for trying to capitalize on used game sales - from which they don't see a single cent?

fluffydelusions2717d ago


I don't know why you get disagrees. It's a perfect explanation. $10 isn't asking a lot especially if you're getting the game on the cheap anyway. It helps developers in the long run but I'm sure most people only care about short term benefits to themselves so yeah I see why you get disagrees.

radphil2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )


At the same time though, can you blame the consumer for trying to make their money last in the long run?

I mean they have the ability to drop the price down, or have sales like on Steam, so why do they expect people to drop $60 and not have complaints?

On a side note I do agree with what you're saying Pandamobile, but at the same time there's a reason why people buy stuff cheaper. It isn't just for kicks.

BlackKnight2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Buying something used is nothing bad. Especially these days when EA shuts down multiplayer servers on games which takes away the argument of "used game players are added cost for multiplayer because they play longer than they expect the new game players to play"

Maybe if they didn't lock down MP to be dependent on a service, like nearly all PC games can run without a service.

$60 game that sells just 1 million at that price, and then another 2 million at an average of $30 still brings in 120 million dollars. After royalty cut by MS/Sony and distro-costs, that EASILY covers a 20 million dollar game, even 60 million.

Just think of how much COD makes at $60 without working all out for a new engine...Blops surpassed 1 BILLION in sales. The profit margin on that single game is over 90% (pharmaceutical companies are known for high average profit margins at 20-25%).

This is just BS. It is just like auto makers trying to cut into used car sales.


You buy the game, you own it. You can sell it to others and shouldnt lose functionality PURELY to try and force the consumer to buy new. Games can EASILY run without a "service" to log into, not to mention such services are just as easy as running the free forums. Counter-Strike, Unreal tournament, previous COD games on PC before they made IWnet.

It is JUST to make MORE profit off the consumer to please share holders.

Ju2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Actually I am for a compromise. Drop the price to $40 and include the game pass. Everybody is happy - well, not the people who trade in, and sure not Gamestop. LOL. But as a consumer I would be smiling. Keeping the price up is still a deal which was negotiated with the Gamestops, I'd think. They can make money off the used games and sell game passes. But, I hope we will see some movement in the pricing (I am dreaming, I know).

UltimateIdiot9112717d ago

Know what this create? Bigger bargain bins hopefully. If I feel like I can't sell it for a good price used because of the online pass, then I simply pass until it's bargain bin level like I do with some titles.

If everyone follows this, maybe they will get rid of the online pass BS or force the game to depreciate in value faster.

Mottsy2717d ago

@ panda mobile. that was the reason they gave us with DLC. u cant buy used DLC. then they start to take away content just to put in DLC. last i checked most Devs that have people bank rolling there 20+ million dollar game are doing fine. Not sure if you havnt looked at stocks or records. But sales of video games are going up. people cant afford to go out every night. But its alot cheaper to buy a used or new family game and enjoy that. last longer too. First cut content for DLC and now this. Enough is enough! Last i checked these Devs wernt starving or going broke.

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Blacktric2717d ago

Good job Sony? A couple of hours ago when this was a rumor, everyone was raging and getting tons of agrees for the right reason. Now it became "good job Sony"? Pathetic...

Blaze9292717d ago

lmao, so now it's ok because Sony is doing it? I don't even...

xPhearR3dx2717d ago

You could have your balls cut off, but as long as Sony does it, it's okay.

Remember when PSN got hacked and they didn't tell everyone their personal information may have been compromised until a week later? Yea people made excuses (on N4g) why it was okay because it was Sony. Had that shit been Microsoft, oh man the amount of hate would have been through the F'n ceiling.

XabiDaChosenOne2717d ago

I would love for you to show me the influx of people agreeing with this, please?

finnhima2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

There are no huge masses of ps3 gamers approving of this method as you 360 fanboys are accusing us of. All you fools are doing is exaggerating and mocking a reaction when truly there hasn't been any.

Im like kobe. Show me the huge number of ps3 gamers who are approving of this method that you guys are claiming. I sure as hell haven't.

xPhearR3dx2717d ago

@ 2 above

Ummm just read the comments. This was just announced today, you expect 100 million comments or something? Just read around the web and look at what people are saying. It's not hard.

TyrionL2717d ago

@ Kobe357 & finnhima
I don't know what qualifies as an influx, but I think what Blaze is talking about are the people in THIS ARTICLE that support it. Here are some names of the people in here that are saying it’s good right now:


So it's not like the people talking about the double standard are just making it up like you two are suggesting, and just because you say it's not happening doesn't make it fact either.

EeJLP-2717d ago

@Blaze, Phear and others making stupid claims that people support this:

Ya this sounds great. I can't wait for Resistance 3
Agree(3) | Disagree(33)

Why o why2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Blaze and xphere

There will always be some who are either ok of straight up bend over. This isnt cults we're dealing with its individual people so focussing on the minority is always easier than praising the majority in a case like this.

Not everybody was against it when ea or whoever announced it so you should at least be fair and mention that. For all you know some of the people your talking today about may of been ok with it BEFORE sony done it. I hope to see you's lot in the next 'exclusives dont matter' article calling out all the guys who used to scream it was a while back but are now ok with less. Or those who ridiculed move games or games like lbp but now love em some kinect. Goes both ways...all im saying. Anyway, Whas up blaze. Aint seen you in a while

@ eejlp

Nice 1

xPhearR3dx2717d ago


Warprincess is nothing but a complete troll and just about everyone here knows it. Using her for anything is a complete waste of time.

Why o why2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Tyrion and xphear

For it to be called double standards dont those people you're refering to or listed have to of expressed a dislike for this type of thing. Listing its supporters is only half of an us them saying ea blows and you'll be onto something. Its not cool to label a whole community because of the unsubstantiated actions of a few. Again, some will support it but they may have always been supporters therfore there is no double standards. Saying that though im sure there will be a number of hypocrites but thowing cliches around is flimsy

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Peaceful_Jelly2717d ago

who plays pirated games online anyway? You know you get banned if you do it right? This measure is just to kill the second hand market and to make our life more difficult. Now we can't even lend or borrow games from friends...

Rocket Sauce2717d ago

"He also laments the fact that 'people don't think it's worth spending money on computer games.'"

Shit like THIS makes me not want to spend money on computer games.

5119ent2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

this has nothing to do with piracy.

and don't let them fool you . there is no struggle in the gaming industry among consoles.

Philoctetes2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I'm completely fine with this, but I do hope that the pass is good for everyone who uses a particular machine as opposed to just one PSN ID. My son and I both play under different accounts, and I would be mildly ticked if I had to shell out an extra $10 for him to be able to play online, after already spending $60 on a new copy of the game itself.

Edit: As others noted, this has nothing to do with piracy. It's just about chipping into the used games market.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2717d ago

If it's anything like the add-ons for all the other games then that won't be a problem. My Welcome back games are available to all the user accounts on my system. So are all the add-ons I've ever downloaded. And that's all this really is: an add-on.

buttclown2717d ago

I agree with Quod, I think it works for everyone on the same system. However, if you guys are using different systems that might be another story

Dark_king2717d ago

@buttclown actually it will work on multiple systems same way gameshare work.If the account that bought the pass is on the system it will work regardless of which system you use.Will just need to use that account on the second system to download the pass.
Now everyone call Sony up and complain like hell about this.It is absolute BS for so many reasons.Poor gamefly Sony is trying to put it out of business.

buttclown2717d ago

Well I stand corrected about that then, lol. As far as the whole pass thing, I have an opinion on it like all of you but mine doesn't matter as much as I rarely buy used games anymore.

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Dlacy13g2717d ago

This is nothing to do with killing piracy and everything to do with getting money from used game sales.

Christopher2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Not really about piracy, mostly about second-hand sales.

I would guess that a lot of Sony's FPSes get second-hand purchases over third-party offerings. People go where the crowds are, and they're just not on Sony's FPSes compared to Halo and CoD.

This is the standard to getting monetary support to maintain an online infrastructure, even when it's being utilized by a lot of users who have bought the game second-hand.

In all honesty, You can buy it new for the same price as used 3-6 months after release, I see no reason why you wouldn't just buy it new. But, people are completely sold into trading in old games to get the best deal on used games it seems.

Solidus187-SCMilk2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

well one good thins is maybe it will be some free content for people who buy new, like the first maps free or something.

but if its just something that prevents second hand users from playing online, well thats just lame.

who knows what exactly this means, we will have to wait and see.

EDIT-- HAHAHHA Imagine buying a car used and it doesnt have A/C and there power windows and CD player are disabled until you pay an extra fee to the original dealership.
Or you buy a Movie used and have to pay extra to see the end.

The used game industry actually supports ALOT of new game sales as well. When do most people go to places like gamestop to trade in games?????? WHEN A NEW GAME THEY WANT COMES OUT. They use store credit to buy a new game and devs get money that they would not have gotten without the used games industry.

Used games with online access included can also sell alot of DLC to the used buyer, especially something like COD. Games like COD would probably be better off never having an online pass and just milking used customers with all that DLC.

DirtyLary2717d ago

Piracy? Nah it's Gamestop taking profits from devs and publishers making all the profit on used game sales.

sprayNpray2717d ago

Yay, one more company giving the idea of video game rentals the big "F U, we're greedy b**ches!"

TheMrMadzen2717d ago

Great job. Don't listen to these poor idiots.
Can't wait for Resistance 3! :D