Nintendo Still Cold On Smartphones Despite Pokemon News

Despite the news that an official Pokemon game is on its way to iPhone and Google Android devices, Nintendo insisted this week that it has no plans to support non-Nintendo hardware with its games.

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majiebeast2565d ago

How can they make a pokemon game for the iphone doesnt nintendo own pokemon?

GavLam882565d ago

According to the article it is not "The Pokemon Company is closely tied with Nintendo and its hardware, Pokemon is still an independent company, with Nintendo owning 32 percent of the firm"

EYEamNUMBER12565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

nintendo DOES own pokemon that is a FACT the pokemon company was created after it took off not before and i really doubt that changed all of a sudden

as far as i can tell its not even an actual pokemon game

nikola9872565d ago


It is just stupid rhythm game, good strategy to attract apple fanboys to pokemon and make them buy DS :)

crxss2565d ago

Pokemon should hit smartphones a year after their release on Nintendo hardware. I would LOVE to see a main pokemon game like Black or White on my iPhone.

Dasteru2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

@EYEamNUMBER1, There is nothing FACT about an opinion. In order to technically OWN a company, you need to possess atleast 51% of said companies stock. The pokemon company is a subsidiary of gamefreaks inc, and nintendo only owns 32% stock in it. Pokemon is and always has been owned by gamefreakes.

Just to add to that. Nintendo has been the PUBLISHER of pokemon up til this point but that doesn't make them the owners, that would be like saying 2K games owns oblivion.

Bull5hifT2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

cool pokemons on itouch, hells yeah....hour one buy for me ,cough COUGH, JAILBROKEN Cough))

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nopunctuation2565d ago

Pokemon on Iphone? This reeks of communism.

GavLam882565d ago

It is possible since Nintendo would still own the IP. The only issue is that Apple would get a large cut of the sales made, plus it gives Apple an advantage over future/present Nintendo handhelds. Pokemon on a smart phone would be a KILLER in terms of sales, so would be a massive cash in. Is it worth Nintendo taking the risk and whether or not they would give up to much ground to Apple in the long run is the real question.

Misterhbk2565d ago

it's not a true pokemon game. move along, nothing to see here.

GavLam882565d ago

Yeah you are right, when I read the full article I noticed that too. It would be great if they put an actual Pokemon game on android/iphone. I would buy it.

fatstarr2565d ago

yea what he said above. its some pokemon smart phone spin off game which will mostlikely be garbage by our standards but AAA by casual phone gamers.

if anything its a smart move puttin the pokemon name out on the appstore, if ppl really like the game it will turn into sales for the main titles which can only be played on a nintendo system.

VampiricDragon2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

and the pokemon phone game isnt really a pokemon game at all. Its an app game thing

People put to much stock in things like this

Ddouble2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

"While The Pokemon Company is closely tied with Nintendo and its hardware, Pokemon is still an independent company, with Nintendo owning 32 percent of the firm, Minagawa said."

Interesting, I've always thought that Nintendo made and owned Pokemon. So it was the company's choice to put it on smartphones then. Although it's only a small game or app i'm sure Nintendo would not be too pleased after what they said before but its hardly an issue.

Ahasverus2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

So IN THEORY we could get a POkemon game for PS360? Mindblowing!

ZombieNinjaPanda2565d ago

I doubt pokemon on a smart phone would be any good. Wouldn't surprise me if it's just a bunch of mini games and what not.

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