PSN PASS on the way? - The obvious problems with online passes

8bitfix writes: While Sony has expressed support of EA’s Online Pass, in the past, this is something that we have no details on, at the present time. Some may find nothing wrong with these "passes", however for those of us who have more than one member in the family who games, it is quite upsetting.

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Warprincess1162720d ago

I don't care what this is. All i know is im buying it. I want sony to make a profit this year and all PS fans should support this.

Blaze9292720d ago

lmaooooooo! WOW that was TOO funny. Sony sure has some dedicated fans! ahahahaha


I like what Microsoft does for example. Instead of online passes, they offer downloadable content for all new games. They've been doing it with all their published games since Gears of War 2.

Although, sure you can just buy it through marketplace later - they still get their money either way for everyone who wants the content and didn't buy it new.

I like that much better than passes because I don't see why if you own a game, and take it somewhere or have family members/roommates in your household who want to play it - they will be required to buy a pass to play online even though it's STILL in the hands of the original owner.

Like Hot Pursuit 2 for example. I bought a copy and my little brother loves racing games. He has his own xbox in his room - but he can't play online because I used the code already. that's ridiculous.

Beatboxtaun2720d ago

Same here, Blaze. I did that with Hot Pursuit and bought 2 copies. I took it over to my dad's house to show him, since he loves racing games, and he couldn't even check out the online gameplay. This would be another potential buyer, but he had to come to my house to check it out.

nightmarex1212720d ago

Well you could buy another pass it could be just a dollar not enough details yet. But i do agree that also one of the problem with digital distribution but obviously not a big deal that will affect sales for example steam.
Well sony has one big problem is you can share the dlc up to 5 people.

gamingdroid2720d ago

For the love of gaming, I hope this isn't EA Online Pass BS!

An online pass just to share your game with other family members would be dreadful and one of the reasons I avoid buying anything EA (ME is the exception) or THQ right now.

That said, we really don't know what this pass is. It could be an all access pass to all DLC for something....? However, Sony do have a history of supporting this type dreadful pass via the PSP.

Graphics2720d ago

Im telling you man these ps3 fans are disgraceful. What I did was just never buy games that have the online passes. I guess Im going to have to sell my ps3 all together now, since now the exclusives will most likely have them. I wonder is this the beginning of the downfall of gaming on consoles. Because this past year I have been so disgusted with the gaming industry that I just refuse buying anything at all, and instead Im selling everything I own. I don't even get excited for anything anymore.. This stuff just pushes people toward piracy.

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antz11042720d ago


Thats sarcasm, right?

Definite PS fan myself but an online pass? F%ck that noise man.

Blindly shelling out $ to something you don't know what it is, is pretty freakin' ridiculous.

beavis4play2720d ago

agree antz......i love my ps3 but this "pass" sh1t is a bunch of nonsense.

Drekken2720d ago

Online passes suck for games you were planning on renting or buying used because it isnt worth the $60 entrance fee. Resistance 3, I am buying day one anyways... So I don't care.

What online passes do is make me not rent games I normally would. If I can't play the game before I decide to buy it, forget it.

But as far as Sony doing this, it sucks... but other devs have been doing it and will continue to do it. I buy all the games I want to play online, so this doesn't bother me. Most of the games I rent are single player games.

creatchee2720d ago

I don't understand why companies think that they lose money by used game buyers playing multiplayer. If a copy of the game is transferred, then the original owner CAN'T play it anymore or use its online. It's a 1:1 transfer.

I suppose that they have to track stats for another player, but really, does that cost 10-15 bucks a person? No.

This is double dipping at its finest, and no, I'm not speaking only of Sony. It's every company that is doing this. Could you imagine if car companies started charging you if you buy a used car and wanted to use the expressway? People would go apeshit, but gamers are expected to just take it. Sad days...

Biggest2720d ago

Cars are not video games. People pay money to play online as it is. I don't see how those people, and you know who you are, could complain about this. This seems to be more of a move against the used/rented game markets. If you buy a retail priced game there will never be an issue. If money is a problem for you, try waiting for the price to drop at retail. It always drops. Renters don't care about day one. Used game buyers don't care about day one. Day one buyers will have their online included. Who is this hurting?

creatchee2720d ago


I understand where you're coming from, but also consider that the accepted price model is X dollars for the contents of a game disc, where X varies depending on when and where you buy the game, and whether or not it is new or used. However, the contents of the disc are not a variable. Everything needed to access multiplayer (save a LIVE subscription on Microsoft platforms) is on the disc. By adding "passes" and such, you are in effect doing the same thing that companies do when they charge for on-disc DLC.

I also understand that games are not cars, but can you think of any other industry besides gaming where anything similar to this is being done? And if you can, does it feel "right" there either?

Biggest2720d ago

Instead of looking at other industries for their practices we can stay on the gaming industry. Used game sales are profitable for everyone involved minus the people that make the games. An online pass is an incentive for gamers to buy games in a fashion that benefits the people that spent their time making the actual games. GameStop does not deserve to benefit as much as they do from Bungie's hard work. Bungie should benefit. Microsoft's Xbox division should benefit. If you care about online play, which is an extra service provided by someone other than used game retailers, you should buy the game new. You don't have to buy it day one (which wouldn't happen if you bought a used game). Buy it when the price enters your range. This isn't a phase system like DLC. It's a one time thing. Buy the game the "proper" way or pay the pass fee. GameStop does not make the games you love. If you want games, support the people that make games.

newleaf2720d ago

I want SONY to make a profit this year. . .lol, you know I at least respect you for not even trying to hide or mask your extreme fanatism. It's not for the love of gaming, its for the love of SONY huh?

rob60212720d ago

War princess actually has a point. If Sony doesn't profit with the PS3 it is very likely we will be forced into paying to play online next gen with PS4 as well as on the 720. You can also bet consoles also won't have built in hard drives in favor of jacked up prices on proprietary upgrades. You can also bet advertisements will be plastered on both interfaces.

Buying into something like PS pass is far less of a disservice than a MS-lead gaming industry.

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tonytouchx2720d ago

well i think almost every developer are going to do this pass thing,since gamestop is making a killing with used games and none of that money goes to the developers of coures there going to jump on this pass thing.

Les-Grossman2720d ago

As long as Online Multiplayer stays free I doubt most would care about this pass. Unless Sony does go the Microsoft route. All I know is if I have to start paying for Online Gaming for both the 360 & PS3 then I will be trading in my PS3

despair2720d ago

They should link the pass to the system not just the user so that everyone can use it like with PSN games. That would at least ease some of the problems people have with it. But you have to remember that there's no way to satisfy everyone.

This doesn't really affect me as I never buy used games and hardly ever play online games, but I can see people problems with it as with the EA online pass, but its a desperate situation to limit the used games sales, devs deserve to get paid for their products, I really believe that and this is a step to rectifying that problem, only time will tell if its a good one(damn I hate using cliches).

Beatboxtaun2720d ago

I agree. It would definitely be easier for Sony to do, than the publishers.

Machioto2720d ago

I was thinking of something similar.

crematory2720d ago

its linked to system BFBC2,MORTAL KOMBAT,HOMEFRONT
all linked to system

kma2k2720d ago

I personally dont care for MP in majority of games. I am pretty much strickly SP & i get all my games from gamefly. So this route they are taking gets no money from me. Some games that have added features that you can buy might interest me. The last DLC anything i bought was added weapons for Mass Effect 2.

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